Do You Really Understand Yourself as an Entrepreneur

The part of your business success in large can be based on you as an entrepreneur your own understanding about you.

You care about your customer because you want to understand and fulfill their need.

You care about your employees, because you want your company to be perfect in fulfilling your customers needs, and your employees are part of that process.

But, where are you?

Do you understand enough yourself?

When you plan to start a company and become an entrepreneur you must start with yourself, because you are the central point of your company. Everything else will be based on your own business potential energy and your aspirations as a future entrepreneur.

Where are you as a person now?

Start by answering this question. Where are you now? How much you earn? How you earn that money? How much knowledge and skills you have? What are your best knowledge and skills? What about your experience?

These questions are to find the reality of your current situation in the form of money and business potential energy stored in you in the form of skill, knowledge and experience.

However, here is also the risk that is connected with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. How much risk can you tolerate?

Where are you want you to be in the future?

Business Model as an Improvement Tool

When you know your current position as a person, you can define your future positions that you want to obtain as an entrepreneur.

How much you want to earn in the future? What skills and knowledge you want to develop for yourself in the future? What type of experience you will want to obtain in the future?

At this level, you define your path for the future.

You know here are now, and you know where you want to be in the future. Now you can easily plot your path from today to that future.

Ask yourself can you make that path to become reality. If you can’t, then go back and change the targets for your future.

Why is this important?

One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen in startup entrepreneurs is that they build company where they are the servant. They serve for their companies, and their business didn’t serve them. They are hostages of their own company.

If you know yourself, if you know your business potential and aspirations, you can easily make them part of your new business model, that will help you to build a company that will serve you to accomplish your personal targets for the future.

Start from the end about what you want to accomplish on a personal field and implement your own targets into your business model.

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