Your Business Goals for 2012

We are already in 2012 and probably you as an entrepreneur have already made a decision about your goals. If this is the case, then now is the perfect time to make the last check points before you start your plan to accomplish them.

Each year we want to make something better from last year. We set up new milestones for us and for our business.

Let’s make the last realignment of the 2012 goals for your business.

#1 Are Your Goals SMART Goals?

You need to check again for the last time before you accept as the final business goals. Are they SMART? Answer the following questions:

  • Are they specific?
  • Can I measure progress through them?
  • Are they really achievable that my business can achieve?
  • Are they realistic?
  • Are they time-Limited?

#2 What Industry Experts Tells You About Trends in 2012?

Business Goals

Probably, you have already thought about this, but in the last several days, there are many industry experts who write about the possible trends in different industries. Why you don’t check for the last time before your objectives become final?

You need to check are your objectives something correlated with the trends that industry experts predict for the 2012.

#3 Are Your Goals Something Supported With Your Strengths?

You are the best in something. Your company has something that cannot be easily copied from the competition. Your biggest strengths are something that can help you and your business to accomplish them for this new year.

#4 What About the Numbers From 2011?

As a final check before you accept your new business objectives is to check them with the numbers from 2011.

  • What was accomplished in 2011 and why?
  • What was not accomplished in 2011 and why?
  • What you can improve about accomplishments in this new year?
  • What mistakes that you make in 2011 needs to be escaped in 2012?
  • What are the biggest reasons for mistakes and problems in your business? Can you eliminate them and how?

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