The Popularity of Pinterest and Small Businesses: 10 Resources

In the last several months, we can see very big buzz around the social media platform that was not so new.

However, the popularity among users and logical recognition from the marketers as something with big potential for businesses make this platform even more popular.

Many companies already reported that they received more referral traffic from Pinterest than from Google+ and YouTube. On the other hand, the social model presented from Pinterest open too many opportunities for small-business owners to bring their products and services on a more creative way to the eyes of potential customers.

The image based virtual pinboard is something very useful for users, but also for businesses.

Visualization of shares on Pinterest and high-value products and services combined with the entrepreneurial creativity to show that visualization and value is the best combination that can bring high-potential success.

On the other hand, this virtual pinboard will make pressure of the business owners to create more visual content as a part of the content marketing strategy.

I jumped into the Pinterest before several weeks and still playing with the platform and learn something new. I am not an expert. I am a learner. However, it is easy to see the potential, especially potential for small businesses.

I read many articles that seem in the last several week everyone writes about this platform. But, here I want to share a collection of one of the best or one of the helpful articles for me.

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  • Stephen

    Dragan, thanks for including my blog post in your list of resources!

    • Dragan

      It’s my pleasure Stephen

  • Lance King

    I want to know about how Pinterest can influence my marketing team. Do you have more information or resources I can use for my small online business?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dragan

      Hi Lance,

      From my experience there are not things that guarantee success for small business. Different tools, different media, different activities will different influence small business.

      The best thing is to start something, and then measure the effect on the business.