Get Zucked with ‘I’m CEO’ Business Cards

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg changed the way Americans look at business cards.

When he unveiled his tongue-in-cheek (but not really) business card that read “I’m CEO, Bitch” he was clearly enjoying the status that comes with running Facebook, having a laugh among friends, and enjoying the power of freedom that millions of other working Americans lack in their job descriptions.

When it came to job titles on the best business cards, many working Americans for years have been somewhat stuck by boxed-in job descriptions and minimal character space on cards. Fortunately, the tight reins on business titles have seemed to loosen with the Internet era. That’s why Zuckerberg was able to get away with that early Facebook business card.

Get Zucked- -I'm CEO, Bitch- Plus More Worthy Business Card TitlesToday, as business suits have made way for shorts and sandals in company offices, so too have the once-rigid titles given to business people. Many web workers now sport creative web business titles monikers like “Link Building Campaign Manager” “Chief Webmaster” and “Web Content Strategist.” Other industries in gaming, entertainment and fashion all seem to sport cute, provocative business titles. Hello? Can you imagine yourself as the “Director of Fun”?

Speaking of fun, the fun online magazine BuzzFeed featured the 10 Best Job Titles Ever, and while we’ve heard even a few better, here are a sampling from its list:

Penguinologist: What’s this? One who perhaps studies the lifestyle patterns of penguins? Close, it’s one who studies and researches penguins, their population, and habits.

Hero of Time: Ah, of course, this has to be a super hero of sorts, right? Well, it is, but it’s less of a job title than it’s a reputation enhancer. It’s for the character Link from the well-known Legend of Zelda game series.

A Bonus insight: he was also referred to as:

Abnormal Situation Manager: Could this be a manager who flips out around different work scenarios? No, it’s actually for managers who work in controls operations for manufacturers who seek to provide a measure of continuity for safety processes. Great title, though.

Here are few more awesome (or not?) job titles via Huffington Post. Can you live with a title like ‘Erection Engineer’? Or how about a CEO also giving herself the extra title “Chief Trouble Maker“?

Maybe the whole idea of job title are no longer important or relevant, in this age of creative web titles and personal branding whimsy. If you run a successful accountancy business and want to call yourself “Master of Numbers,” who’s going to stop you? Entrepreneurs have always showed a knack for re-imaging themselves in new companies. Also, the more successful you are, the less a title means to you anyway.

Which brings us back to the beginning of this article with Mark Zuckerberg’s early Facebook title. After all, he’s the boss, right?

Last tip: If you’re in a job and have not been given a title yet, make a random job title on your own. It’s likely that 2/3 of all US jobs all have some variation on randomly generated job titles, anyway!

Author: Amy Rogers. Amy is a fashion stylist. She has two children and lives in the New York area. She enjoys making jewelry and selling it on Etsy.

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