How to Attract Attention of 10-15 Customers in 10 Minutes Daily

Attracting customers for your business is one of the most important tasks that you need to do as an entrepreneur. It is a continuous process that doesn’t stop. If it stops, your business will start failing.

How you can attract customers?

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Here I want to present a process for continuous attracting customers for your business on a daily basis only as an example. You can use different steps, or more than ten steps, but what’s most important is that you need to have something as your daily entrepreneurial routine to attract more and more customers.

Let’s start with possible ways of attracting customers in ten minutes every day.

Minute 1: Find Potential Customers With the Problems That You Can Solve

Your business solve customers problems and needs. You need to spend some time of your daily routine to find potential customers who have such problems or needs.

Minute 2: Help Them to Solve the Problem

When you find such customers, you can help them to solve their problem, or propose one of your solutions. Because the problems are more complex than everyone can imagine. However, if you show them a useful way how they can solve their problems, with your business as one of the stations of that way, you can really attract their attention.

Minute 3: Share Your Experience on Social Media

If you want to attract customers for your business, they will need to know that you are the right person for them. The best way to prove that you are the right person for them is continuously showing your experience and share your experience with the public.

Social media becomes one of the most important tools for today’s entrepreneurs who can help you in such activities.

Minute 4: Call 2 Potential Customers and Give Them Free Consultation

Why you not try cold calling and ask two potential customers to give them free consultations. That’s one of the most powerful ways to set up high-quality relationships with your potential customers.

Minute 5: Send One Email Per Week With Helpful Avice

Each week you can send one email to your list with potential customers with helpful advises that can improve their lives, eliminate frustrations, satisfy different needs…

Minute 6: Send One Email Per Week With Promotional Offers

But, also you can send one promotional email per week where you can promote your products and services.

In such a way, you will build authority with helpful advises and in the same type will try to promote and sell one of your products and services.

Minute 7: Comment on One to Two Blogs from Your Industry

You can also comment and give helpful advises on several blogs from your industry.

Minute 8: Answer With Advises on One Forum in Your Industry

There are probably plenty of forums in your industry where you can start building relationship with helpful advises and answers on questions that’s closest to your own expertise.

Minute 9: Choose One of Your Current Customers and Ask Them for Recommendations.

The recommendations from customers, someone who tries to use your products and services, is one of the most powerful marketing weapons for small-business owners. Your daily job routine will be to choose one of your customers and ask them for recommendations. Then, you can easily share such recommendations on different platforms where you build relationships.

Minute 10: Make a Plan for Tomorrow

And as last in this example plan is to start with building your plan for customer’s attraction for tomorrow.

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