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What Easter Can Teach You on Managing Your Business?


When I was a child, my favorite holiday was Easter. I think that also now every child loves this holiday, especially as they collect colored eggs and receive money from family and friends. But, for the parents, this day is the same as when they manage the business. Here are some common things between Easter and business that we can learn from this great day.

1. On Easter, We Have Goals

With my son, on this holiday we have goals to go to all my lovely people to congratulate them on holiday. In the business also we must have goals that must be accomplished for business success.

2. If We Get Up Early, We Will Have More Time to Fulfill the Goals.

This rule is present everywhere. In some periods of my life, I really was getting up late, working until the early morning hours. However, in such a life habit my productivity was really nowhere. I become most productive at 09:00 pm when nobody else works at something. When I get up earlier the day is really long enough.

3. My Goals Must be Real Because I Can’t Achieve Everything

This day is long 24 hours as every other day. I can not be present everywhere although I want to be. The same is in business. It is not good to start several projects at once because in such a case the quantity will destroy the quality of the finished work. It is better to choose a few most important things that you can finish in a given period of time instead to be unrealistic to do more things that you can’t finish. As for Easter, when I make a priority about the first and second days, entrepreneurs must prioritize which projects should be completed as the first, which will be completed later after the first one.

4. I Need a Plan

Without a good plan, I can’t achieve my Easter goals. The same is in businesses. Without a good business plan, the business will be as a man loosed in the wood without a compass.

5. Communication

On Easter, I go to the people, and people come to me. If we don’t communicate we can’t see each other on this day. The same is with the businesses that today are simply a process of communication with suppliers, customers, employees …

6. Pressure Have Negative Effect

Nobody wants the pressure because it creates anxiety and panic. In my case on the first Easter with my son, the pressure that I must go to many places disastrously affected the whole that day. The same is in businesses. Problems can’t be solved with pressure. Management does not mean pressure, but extracting the potential of employees in favor of business. Planned activities are not dealt with under the pressure.

This is my list from my previous experience at Easter with my son and probably it is not final.

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