50 Business Productivity Rules to Improve Your Whole Company

business productivity

Business productivity is an element of the everyday work of each entrepreneur. It is related to your entrepreneurial work and your business team and their work activities related to your business.

Simply, productivity is something that differentiates successful from unsuccessful firms and entrepreneurs. Productive entrepreneurs can do much more important things compared with the entrepreneur that is not productive. So, it is important for you to work on improvements to your own and your business’ productivity.

Here I want to share the list of 50 rules related to this subject. You can use them to implement and improve your small business.

Personal Productivity Impact Your Business Productivity

If you are a productive person, your business team will be productive. And, if everything was designed correctly, the overall business efficiency will be OK. In such a way, you will have fewer costs, more sales, and higher profitability. This is an important achievement for you as an entrepreneur.

What do you think? Is it something that you want to achieve as an entrepreneur? If you’re going to accomplish this, then you will need to work on the improvement of your productivity, the productivity of your team members, and the productivity of your whole company.

As you can see, here I talk about your own, your team’s and your company’s productivity. So, the question is where you need to start with the improvements. The answer is that you will always need to start with you and your productivity.

As an entrepreneur, you are the leader of your company. If you are a productive person, your team members will also like to be productive persons. If they become more productive employees, you will start improving the overall productivity of your small business.

productivity rules

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  1. If you get up earlier, your daily productivity will be higher.
  2. Your daily productivity will impact your weekly productivity that will affect monthly, etc.
  3. Caffeine will not help you in your business.
  4. It is the work done for a specified period.
  5. More work done in the same period with the same resources will increase productivity.
  6. The real organization is the mother of increased productivity.
  7. Business plans increase business and personal productivity.
  8. Business systems make faster performing the same job at the same time.
  9. Personal life impact on business life and productivity.
  10. 80/20 Rule means that 20% of activities make 80% of business success.
  11. It varies wildly from day to day, from month to month, and from year to year.
  12. Working smarter means more work done.
  13. More working hours doesn’t mean that more work will be done.
  14. Working harder doesn’t mean that more work will be done.
  15. Working with passion means more work will be done.
  16. Enjoying what you work will help you to do more work.
  17. Inspiration is a productivity creator.
  18. Negative individual emotions can harm your business productivity.
  19. It can increase happiness in personal life.
  20. Preparation will increase possibilities for the quality done of the work.
  21. Focus on desired results will increase the possibility of quality accomplishment.
  22. There will always be possibilities for improvements.
  23. Tracking progress will improve productivity over time.
  24. Lists are useful stuff.
  25. Finding constraints and eliminate them permanently will increase personal and business productivity.
  26. Remember that we always have trivial tasks.
  27. Outsourcing of unimportant staff will help you in increasing productivity.
  28. First, do the essential things on your list.
  29. Help from other people is welcomed and accepted.
  30. Checking e-mails are the last on the list.
  31. Sometimes finishing the easiest tasks as the first thing will increase your overall productivity.
  32. Overestimation of time needed has a negative effect.
  33. Procrastination will decrease productivity. Use these five techniques to beat the procrastination.
  34. Something that you can do today doesn’t leave it for tomorrow.
  35. It depends on employees’ productivity.
  36. It depends on an entrepreneur’s and manager’s capability, not on employees.
  37. Taking a short break will improve your productivity.
  38. Refreshing the mind will give you additional energy.
  39. Accepted criticism makes better work done in a shorter period.
  40. Distraction harms your business productivity.
  41. Real information in real-time to a real person will help more work to be done.
  42. Your time can be divided between family and business time.
  43. Learning from other businesses will give you possibilities to escape their mistakes.
  44. Stress harms your productivity.
  45. Celebrating success with employees will give you additional potential energy.
  46. Self-confidence is important.
  47. Proactive, not reactive, is the basis for success.
  48. Daily routines increase productivity but decrease creativity.
  49. Notebooks are useful when something important comes to mind.
  50. Usually, nothing goes right all the time.