Designing a Word Press Blog – It is so Easy With Thesis!

word press thesis

The last several days I make some redesign of the Entrepreneurship in a Box. When I start this blog I intended to try something new, to see can I do some technical things that I didn’t know before. But, then, before ten months I start with the free Word Press theme, and it was my terrible days in blogging. If I want to make some changes, I must go into the code of that theme, and then everything looks awful when I make something wrong.

After one month living in hell, I must decide: to continue living in a hell, to change something or to stop with my new hobby. I decided to change something on my new blog and try to increase my knowledge. The changes were made with purchasing the Thesis as a Word Press theme.

What impressed me is the following:

1. When I make something wrong, it is easy to fix it.

Whenever I want to change something I change only two files, and nothing more. When something went wrong, I can just undo the last changes.

2. No need technical knowledge about the simple start and have a beautiful looking Word Press blog.

The new blog design can be made in 10 minutes playing with different colors, column designs, fonts, text colors, etc. All of this without writing one line of difficult codes.

3. There are too many answers to everything on the internet.

When you want to make something you can go and ask Google that will give you plenty of possible solutions.

4. Great Support Forums with all possible questions answered.

The support forum is something that can be used to make your design to look unique, and it is a place where you can find all needed codes that can be directly copied and pasted in previously mentioned two files.

5. Simple SEO elements implemented.

Performing simple SEO tasks is easy without additional plugins. All you need to do is to fill the fields about these tasks. In the last version (1.7) it seems that this theme goes several steps further.