My Current Productivity Tools Setup

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Everyone uses one or more types of productivity tools to improve their own productivity and how they are doing their work. Here is a list of one of the most used productivity tools in my arsenal.

The way we are doing our work is changing continuously because, as human beings, it’s normal for us always to strive to find a better way of doing things. That’s the improvement in our private and working life.

What does it mean better ways? What does it mean to improve the way how we are doing our everyday job? Often that better ways and improvements need to bring better personal productivity for us. On the other side, better personal productivity will bring finishing our jobs in the quickest and most quality way. Because of that, many tools can help you.

6 Productivity Tools I am Using Everyday

Here, I want to say thanks for the tools that now are the most important part of my daily routine.

1. Evernote

Evernote is still one of the most used tools in my arsenal. Yes, Evernote is still one of the most used tools that increase my productivity. Evernote is my electronic cabinet where everything has its own place organized according to notebooks and tags and searchable despite my place and device that I am using.

Adding File Evernote Send Everenote Email

2. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is something that brings excellent order in my life. I have discovered that Evernote as a tool is not enough to make my days better organized, so OmniFocus becomes my tool of choice when it comes to my to-do list. Everything noted in some way in Evernote easily becomes a task with the right timing and notes into OmniFocus.

3. Scrivener

Scrivener is the place for my projects, regardless if they are ongoing or finished. Because my work as a consultant is largely based on researching, finding solutions, and writing, Scrivener, easily become my biggest friend. The possibility of having all my important documents in one place, searchable, and easily available when I need them is one of the best features that I am using daily.

4. Alfred

As one of my productivity tools, Alfred saves my time on many occasions when I work on my iMac or MacBook Air. Where was that important document on my computer? This question is not valid anymore after I have started to use Alfred. From searching documents on my computer and Evernote, quitting applications, creating tasks in OmniFocus, searching Wikipedia or YouTube, and many more workflows save a lot of my daily time.

productivity with alfred

5. TextExpander

TextExpander saves my time when I am writing something. Another tool responsible for saving a large amount of my daily time is TextExpander. The possibility of using templates for repeatable email responses is one of the most useful features of this tool.

Text Expander Statistics

6. Hazel

Hazel automatically bring order on my iMac or MacBook Air. And, as the last productivity tool, I want to mention Hazel because it really automates many things on my computer. For example, Hazel automatically takes and puts the downloaded file in the right place on my computer, automatically sends pdf files in the right Evernote notebook, cleans my desktop, and many other rules that simplify my life.

Hazel as one of my productivity tools

You can clean your messy desktop or automate some things related to specific folders and leave Hazel to do the things. For example, the Hazel app can send some files to specific folders. If I want to have each pdf file go to a specific pdf folder, I will make such a task in Hazel. Whenever I download some pdf file from the internet or by email as an attachment, I don’t need to think about where it will be downloaded. I know that Hazel will do the job and send the file inside the right folder.


So, I know that there are a lot more tools that I have not mentioned here. For example, email is an important part of our everyday work, and I have not mentioned the tools I am using to manage emails. But, this will be the topic for some next posts.