Brand Management: 5 Actionable Ways to Make a Killer First Impression

Businesses are operating in an incredibly competitive era. Direct and indirect competitors threaten to take their market share and diminish their profits.

Reputable digital marketing agencies from Melbourne recognize that the impressions that businesses leave on their customers are critical to maintaining the long-term relationship that will see them return and refer others for the purchase of your branded products and services.

Despite the increased ferocity, brands can engage in clever brand marketing tactics that will see them make everlasting impressions to their target audience. However, as a brand becomes bigger with more intricated marketing techniques, it also becomes important to utilize something like Widen brand management solutions to keep everything streamlined. Below are a few ways and examples that brands have successfully developed impressionable brand positioning marketing campaigns for their business.


If a business wants to see a great example of a business leader that is committed to innovation, then you need to look no further than Paypal founder Elon Musk. The serial entrepreneur who leads innovation in the automobile industry with Tesla Motors works with his team to provide environmentally-friendly vehicles at affordable prices. Prior to Musk’s involvement, sustainable vehicle development was almost non-existent. Their environmentally friendly mission has inspired a new marketplace of environmentally aware customers.


Apple founder Steve Jobs best understood the impact of design on business. He was famous for saying, “Design isn’t just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works!” This way of thinking allowed him to pioneer Apple in product design, innovation, and quality. This is clear in Apple’s products. Apple never invented the computer, the MP3 player, tablet, or smartphone. However, they engineered a user-friendly design that would impress users that were already familiar with the marketplace and leave an impression that would make them fall in love with the Apple brand.


The quality of your product or service will ultimately determine the brand’s perception and long-term success. Whatsapp founder Jan Koum understood this and has prioritized the quality of the service through the application over ad placements. He has said, “The user experience would always lose, because you always had to provide a service to the advertiser… Cellphones are so personal and private to you that putting an advertisement there is not a good experience.”


Sometimes, simple functional changes can improve the brand’s impression. One business that has quickly risen in popularity is SnapChat, which was founded by Evan Spiegel. The application allows people to record short videos that can be shared in their story or as a private message, which is viewable by friends.

An interesting aspect of SnapChat is the privacy functionality, which allowed people’s messages to disappear once it had been viewed. Unlike other social networks who provide a similar service, a lot of the content can remain on the web and is never removed. This added element of privacy has become popular amongst the app’s users.


Consumers love new technology. People are always looking to leverage the latest ‘state of the art’ developments to benefit their business or their consumer lifestyle. One business that has thrived on technological developments is, which was founded by Marc Benioff.

The sales process requires prospecting, database management and remarketing initiatives. Due to the sheer volume of data that is required to successfully mount a sales campaign, convenience is sought through technological advancements. Salesforce developed and added modules to their platform through a series of strategic technology acquisitions, such as email providers and other technologies that will help the platform become a social enterprise.

Benefits from impressionable branding.

You will give your business the opportunity to be seen as unique, rather than as another commodity in the market. This uniqueness will allow you to raise the price of your product or service, as well as make it more desirable to others in your market.

There are several ways you can benefit from clever brand management that will improve the impression of your brand on customers. Look into your product or services USPs (Unique specific advantages) and see how you can leverage any branding angles for your business today!

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