How You Can Successfully Manage Your Time

What is one thing that you as a person will never have enough? What do you think about this question? Probably the answer to many of you will be time. So, you will need to manage your time.

You will always have only 24 hours in your day, and you need to do everything that you need to be done in those 24 hours.

Because of that, time management is an important part of your productivity. As you already know is a measurement that will present the quantity of the work that you have done at a specific time.

The biggest question today’s modern and successful people continuously asking themselves is how they can successfully manage their time. Because of the importance of time management on one side, and a dynamic environment of our work on another side, this question becomes more and more important for entrepreneurs.

Here are some tips that can help you in your efforts to become your own master of your destiny when it comes to time management. They will help you to manage your time.

1. Track How You Spend Your Time.

You can’t succeed in your efforts to effectively manage your time if you don’t know how you are currently spending your time. Use services like Rescue Time for your computer-based time, or simply use a timer for your non-computer based time to find how your time is allocated on average. The information that you will receive from tracking your time will be invaluable in your efforts to implement effective time management systems.

2. Always Try to Improve Your Time Spending Based on What You Learn From Tracking.

Tracking as alone is not important if you don’t take the next steps to improve how you will spend your time tomorrow. If you find that you are spending too much time on unproductive or unimportant tasks, you will have a large space for improvement. Your time management efforts will need to focus on those areas of improvement.

3. Use Time Management Matrix to Prioritize Your Tasks.

I have already written a post about this tool when it comes to your productivity and your own time spending. Time management matrix will give you four quadrants, which you can use in prioritizing and deciding about tasks you will need to do as the number one priority, tasks that can be delegated and tasks that you can simply delete and forget about them.

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4. Plan Your Day Ahead.

Today’s work can’t be planned as we plan it in the past. They need to be done in a more chaotic environment than we can imagine. Without proper planning your day ahead, you will easily find yourself in a very frustrating position where you work more hours but the results aren’t what you want them to be.

5. Use Weekly Plans.

Sometimes there are not enough to have only daily plans, you will need weekly plans also. Your weekly plans will need to have a list of the most important activities that you will need to do in the upcoming week. With such a plan, you can easily make weekly reviews and successfully manage your daily plans.

6. Manage Effectively Email Processing.

Today email processing could easily suck your time without you even notice that. If you analyze your incoming emails you can easily find many priorities, but your priorities are other people’s priorities. If you want to effectively manage your time, you will need to implement a strong process for email processing tasks. That means you will need to schedule several times daily for email processing tasks and in such a way to escape possibilities to be distracted when you work on your high priority tasks.

7. Don’t Allow Web and Social Media to Control Your Time.

Except for email, today you have many things around you that are using for your own socialization and communication. The best examples are social media. They good places where you can spend your time, but they are also very distracting activities and when they take your attention you will easily spend much more time than you think or want to spend.

In today’s world where only highly productive people succeed, you are not allowed the web and social media to control your time. You will need to implement different processes if you want to continue to build the presence on social media, to follow many things on the web, and to be a highly productive person.

8. If You Can, Delegate Some of Your Tasks.

One way to increase your productivity while spending your time on the most important tasks is to start with the delegating process in your business. Everything that is something that can easily be done from one of your team members can be delegated and in such a way you can have more time for important things that you need to do.

Dragan Sutevski

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