3 Simple Rules to Rest Your Brain Right Now

Sometimes, we can’t do stuff because simply we feel that we can’t. In many cases, this situation comes because of fatigue of our brain.

Here I want to talk about the three simple rules that will help you to start with the resting to improve productivity.

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Do you find yourself in a situation when you try to read something, and you read, but your brain doesn’t process what you read? Then you are going several times back to re-read what you already have read from the book.

Do you find yourself in a situation when you need to write something, but the words can not come into your brain to be transferred on a piece of paper? Or, at the end of the day when you feel that the work you do is not done as you want to be done?

When something can’t be done, it can’t be done. You try and try, investing your best, but simply it doesn’t work as you want to work. This happens many times to all of us. It is not the problem. The problem is can we and what can we do for this?

What is the solution to this problem? This is the logical question that we want to find the answer.

But, it is a very simple solution. Rest your brain and you can continue to work with much better productivity. Yes, rest your brain and you will see the difference you will achieve in your work.

Sometimes we need to give a deserved break and rest our brain if we want to make a comeback from such a hopeless situation. It is better to stop and then continue; instead of continuing to work without desired results from such a work.

Use the following simple rules to help you in escaping this situation:

  • I will work until I can work, and then I will rest to energize my brain.
  • If I continue to work without enough focus and energy for quality output from my work, it is the same as I don’t work at all.
  • It is better to make a break, and after that continue to work.

You need to analyze yourself if you want to better understand your brain and your body. It is not only to increase productivity on the damage of the output of your work and your brain and body because you are not productive if you work, but you are also productive if the end results of your work help in the accomplishment of your goals.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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