The Biggest Enemy of Success You Must Avoid At All Costs

The Biggest Enemy of Success You Must Avoid At All Costs

Probably, you as an entrepreneur already have many enemies that stop you to reach your goals and succeed as an entrepreneur. But, what is something like your biggest enemy that stops you from reaching success?

We are on the journey from A to B. A is our current position, and B is our destination, sometimes called a success, or simply where we want to be. But, that journey is not something without constraints. There is something that blocks you to arrive in a position B. There you can find your biggest enemy to your success.

What is Your Biggest Enemy to Your Success

So the question is what is your biggest enemy to your success. Think about following questions for a moment:

  • What stops you to become what you want to become?
  • What stops you to take that next action step toward your success?
  • What stops you to implement changes that will bring you to the desired position?
  • What stopping you from the success for which you dream?

Do you tell yourself not today, maybe tomorrow? But, tomorrow never happens for those actions. We are living our lives today, and dream about tomorrow. But, if we don’t take all the action steps that will bring us to the desired position tomorrow, we can’t make better tomorrow.

You need to eliminate hesitation in yourself. You need to eliminate that big no. It is stored in yourself.

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How to Change the Status Quo Situation in Yourself?

Again, it is worth thinking about what stopping you to make tomorrow you dream about. Can you make something to change this status quo situation in yourself?

Yes, you can, but how?

First, you need to find what stopping you to be where you want to be. You need to find what stopping you to do things that you want to do. You need to find all constraints that stop you to take that so wanted the next action step toward your own success.

Think about these questions:

  • Are you the person who is limiting your own success?
  • Is it your self-confidence?
  • Is it your own fear of success?
  • Is it your parents?
  • Is it your friends?
  • Is it your spouse?
  • Is it your teacher?
  • Is it your manager?
  • Is it your self-sabotage?

There are many things that can limit your ability to change the world in which are living now. You need to find them and eliminate if you want to say yes, I can make a difference.