Improve Productivity, Even You Think That You Can’t

Everyone who works on something will always want to be more productive in everything that they are doing. How can you improve the productivity and productivity of your team members?

Normally, we want to do more things with better quality and quicker. That means better productivity. You don’t want to waste your time. You don’t want to lose even a second of your time. This is the case because you know that today your time is the most expensive resource you own.

But that’s easier to say than to implement in everyday work. Why is this the case? Because you have tons of tasks to do. Additionally, you have tons of ideas ready for implementation. But, also, you have tons of distractions around you. That’s why it is easier to say than to implement.

How can we become more productive persons in such a messy world in which we live? How can we improve productivity? The answer is simple: we need to be self-disciplined, better organized, and ready to change things around us to improve our productivity.

35 Steps to Improve Productivity

Here I want to share my list with 35 steps that I’ve started implementing before some period. This was my shortlist action plan to improve productivity and what I have implemented to get the desired results.

1. Start with small things.

2. Understand that you are in charge of improving your productivity.

3. Measure every aspect of your workflow.

4. Stop measuring and start by analyzing your workflow.

5. Implement improvements based on the analysis.

6. Repeat the process, measure, analyze and improve.

7. Decrease stress.

8. Improve your workplace to improve productivity.

9. Manage your time.

10. Motivate you and everyone around you.

11. Use technology that will help you in increasing productivity.

12. Do what you love to do, and delegate the rest.

13. Do what you do the best and delegate the rest if you want to improve productivity.

14. Start measuring your time spent on doing different tasks.

15. Use templates for various things in your work to save more time.

16. Start cutting off unproductive meetings.

17. Be clear about your goals.

18. Know your intentions.

19. Be focused and pay attention to the right things to improve productivity.

20. Take action, don’t procrastinate.

21. Organize your day to make you as much as possible more productive.

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22. Exercise with different stuff that will increase your productivity.

23. Prioritize your activities.

24. Implement the 80/20 rule to find critical few.

25. Motivate yourself to improve productivity.

26. Motivate everyone around you.

27. Automate everything that you can automate.

28. Don’t forget that the first thing needs to be the first.

29. Everything you can do now, do it right now.

30. When you need help, ask for it.

31. Start saying no more times than yes.

32. Find what increases your creativity.

33. Be organized every day.

34. Break down your project into well-defined tasks.

35. Use to-do lists and follow the list on an everyday basis.

As you can see, if you want to become a more productive person and improve productivity, you need to implement different changes in your personal and professional life. I need to stress that the implementation is not something easy. It needs exercise and persistence in the efforts to increase productivity.