Before You Start Working on Your To Do List You Need to Do Following Things

To do list is one of the most important tools that make us more productive persons. But, like everything else, if we use them in a wrong way, it can hurt us.

To do list tells us what we need to do today, what is most important for us and when we need to start doing something.

to do list (to-do list)

Because they are important tools for our productivity, we need to prepare ourselves to properly use them.

What do you need to do before start creating you to do lists?

1. Decide About Important Things

Not all things have the same importance for you. There are things that are more important than other. Because of that, you want to have a clear vision of the importance and what that means for you and your work. What do you want to achieve?

You can use the time management matrix for which I already talk in Prioritization With Time Management Matrix.

2. The Context of Your Tasks

Priorities can’t work without the context of your tasks. What can you do where you are in a particular time? If you’re outside of your office, you can’t do things that must be done at your office.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Priorities can’t work without the context of your tasks. So, before you start working on your to-do list you will need to do something more.” quote=”Priorities can’t work without the context of your tasks. So, before you start working on your to-do list you will need to do something more.”]

You can’t do things without the tools needed to do such things. Can you make a hole without the drill? Probably, you can’t.

Because of that, before you decide about the final to do list you need to ensure that for each task you have everything that you need to do such a task.

Use priorities to abandon unimportant stuff and put the context that will make you better organized to start doing stuff from your to-do list.

3. Ensure You Have Enough Time to do Things You Have on Your To Do List

Your to-do list must follow your reality. As the first thing in your reality is the time that you have on an appropriate day to work on tasks that are on your list.

Even you want to finish everything you can’t do that if you don’t have enough time to work on all that things.

Because of that, before you start creating to do list for today, you want to think about the time that you can dedicate to work on that tasks. Then, you can rearrange your to do list to be something that can be done in that time frame.

Dragan Sutevski

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