60 Productivity Rules – Updated and Expanded

productivity rules

6 years ago I have written and published about 50 business productivity rules. Today I want to share my updated and expanded version of these productivity rules.

Why we need other rules? Do we really need productivity rules?

It seems that we have the rules for everything around us. But, the rules even they can be dangerous for our creativity when they are used in a bad way, they can help us to stay on the right way to the success in everything. They are our guard rails that ensure everything will be as it must be.

What about our productivity? Do we need some rules to become more productive?

Everyone wants to be more productive. Everyone wants to achieve more while investing less. Everyone has their own rules to follow when it comes to productivity and doing right stuff in the right way in the right time frame.

60 Productivity Rules That Can Change Your Productivity Level

Here is a collection of my and other people that I ask for their own rules.

  1. Get up earlier if you want to boost your daily efficiency.
  2. Your daily efficiency impact your weekly, that again will impact monthly…
  3. Caffeine will not help you to be more productive, you have limited time.
  4. Your productivity is a work done in certain period.
  5. More work done in the same period with the same resources increase productivity.
  6. You need to get organized to be more productive.
  7. You need to be more focused on your work if you want to be more productive.
  8. Good execution plans can increase your productivity.
  9. You need your own systems if you want to accelerate performing of the same job in the same time.
  10. Your personal life have influence on your business life and productivity.
  11. 80/20 Rule mean that 20% of activities make 80% of your success.
  12. Everything varies wildly from day-to-day, from month to month, from year to year…
  13. Working smarter means more work to be done in shorter period.
  14. More working hours didn’t mean more work can be done.
  15. Working harder doesn’t mean more work will be done.
  16. Working with passion can bring more work done.
  17. Enjoying what you work will help you to do more work.
  18. Inspiration is the productivity creator.
  19. Negative individual emotions have a negative effect on your work done.
  20. Accomplishments can increase happiness in your personal life.
  21. Preparation will increase possibilities of quality of the work you done.
  22. Focus on the desired results will increase a possibility of quality accomplishment.
  23. There will be always the possibility of improvement.
  24. Tracking the progress will improve your work done over the time.
  25. Lists are a very useful stuff.
  26. Finding constraints and cut them permanently will increase personal and business efficiency.
  27. There is one rule always: we have unimportant tasks on which we work.
  28. Outsourcing of unimportant staff will help you.
  29. First do the most important things.
  30. Help from other people is welcomed and accepted.
  31. Checking e-mails are the last on the list.
  32. If you finish easier tasks as first, you will increase your overall productivity.
  33. If you overestimate your time need for accomplishment, you will have negative effect.
  34. Procrastination will decrease your productivity.
  35. What you can to do today, do it today, not tomorrow.
  36. Your productivity in many cases will depend on the productivity of your environment.
  37. Physical environment can influence your productivity.
  38. Business productivity depends on entrepreneurs and managers ability, not on employees.
  39. Taking a short break will improve your personal productivity.
  40. Refreshing the mind give us additional energy.
  41. Accepted criticism make better work done in the shorter period.
  42. Distraction has a negative effect on you.
  43. Real information in real-time to a real person will help you to do more work in the same time.
  44. Our time can be divided between family and business time.
  45. You can’t increase the quantity of your time, but you can manage how you exploit your time.
  46. Learning from other people and businesses will give you possibilities to escape their mistakes.
  47. Stress has a negative effect on work you done.
  48. Celebrating success with your team will give you and your team additional potential energy.
  49. Self-confidence is important.
  50. Proactive, not reactive is the basis for success.
  51. Daily routines increase the amount of work done, but decrease creativity.
  52. Notebooks are useful when something important comes to our mind.
  53. It is normally that nothing goes right all the time.
  54. Technology is here to help you.
  55. Don’t escape from the new technology.
  56. Do not afraid if you don’t know how to use something new.
  57. Everything can be learned.
  58. Everything can be systematized.
  59. Everything can be improved.
  60. Everything can be simplified.