14 Tips That Will Help You to Start Doing What You Really Need to Do

A more productive person is the person that accomplishes everything that he wants to do in the shortest time. The first step that you need to do if you want to be more productive is to start doing what you really need to do.

I find myself many times opening my to-do list for today to start doing things that I have put on that list, and meanwhile, to check social media, check email and check something else that put my to-do list on the second side.

The biggest part of your commitment to finish something is simply to start doing. So, here are some tips on how to start with what you really need to do.

Do you find yourself in a position when you have many things that you want to do, but they can’t be finished because of the lack of starting doing them?

Do you find in a position when you want to start something, but you don’t know where to begin?

If you want to be more productive and at the end of the day to have everything finished that you’ve planned to finish you need to begin with that things. Plans without actions will not make you more productive, and what’s more important such a plan didn’t contribute to achieving your goals.

How to start with what you want to start doing now?

Here is the list of 14 things that you can do now to succeed and start doing things that you really need to do.

1. Begin with the easiest tasks on the list.

It is important for you to begin with cleaning your to-do list. When you look at the first finished task, it will encourage you to continue with the next items. Big list full of tasks makes a sense of repulsion or fear. If you think that you can quickly finish as more as possible items from the list finish them even they are easiest, or they are not most important.

2. You need to be motivated for tasks from the list if you want to start doing.

The only driving force to start doing something with your to-do list is to be extremely motivated to do all the tasks. Without motivation, you will procrastinate work on the list. Because of that, ensure that everything that can be a part of your to-do list is something that will give you motivational benefits for you.

3. Keep a short to-do list.

Long to-do lists practically are always ignored and don’t get done. They are scary for you, and simply the easiest way is to ignore them, or simply procrastinate finding different reasons to postpone the doing part of that lists.

4. You need tasks based on your clear goals.

Do you want tasks that are not based on your goals? Probably, you will not want such tasks. However, when you have clear goals and tasks that need to be done because of the accomplishments of that goals you will probably start working to finish them.

5. Build your commitment about your to-do list.

You cannot achieve your goals without the commitment to them. Furthermore, you will not start doing things without the commitment to do them. If you are a highly committed person to do the things that you want to do, you will start doing them. The commitment can be in different form, but sometimes public announcement of something can be the best starting point.

6. Become organized person to get things done.

You cannot depend on coincidences if you want to get things done. You need a system. You need to be organized in the right way that will enable you to do everything that you want to do every day.

7. Use an approach that makes you more productive.

Probably, you have already tried different approaches to start and getting things done. You’ve already made different alignments on different approaches, and already know what works and what doesn’t work. Simply use the best approach for you as a standard for the future.

8. Clean your physical and virtual space.

Your physical and virtual space has a big impact on your productivity. You don’t want to spend extra time to find stuff as a support to your everyday activities.

9. Use the stopwatch timer when you are doing things.

Sometimes stopwatch timers can really be helpful to get things done.

10. What you can do in less than two minutes do it now.

This is a part of David Allen’s GTD system. Everything that can be done in less than two minutes should be done immediately.

11. Prioritize your tasks.

Prioritization can help you to start with the most important things on your list. It’s impossible to do everything in the same time. You need prioritization of your tasks. It will help you to start with doing the right things for you.

12. Reward yourself when you finish a task.

If you want to start doing things, you will need something as a reward after each accomplishment. That rewards can be a simple pause of your work, talking with friends, going out on coffee…

13. Empty your brain at the night and start the day focused on things that you want to be done.

Your brain is overloaded with too many information. Each day different information come into your brain. You need to empty all of that information and prepare yourself about what you want to get done tomorrow without pressure from unimportant things.

14. Celebrate the success of the biggest projects finished.

Celebrating can be a very powerful motivational factor for you to start doing things.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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