7 Simple Tips to Help You Get More Reading Done


One important thing you need to do every day as an entrepreneur is to learn new things. Then you can use what you learn in managing your small business. One of the best ways to stay on top related to your own knowledge is to read as much as possible things related to your work. So, the question is how you can get more reading done to become the best possible learner.

Today, you have infinite sources of learning related to your personal and professional life. You have books, magazines, news, blogs and so on. There is a large amount of information you will want and you will need to read. Then you will need to process that information to be ready for use.

You will practice your new knowledge and improve things inside and around your business. Here are some tips that will help you to read more in a more productive way.

1. Be extremely clear about what you want and what you need to read.

As a first you need to check is there some discrepancies between what you want and what you really need to read. Sometimes, what you want is not the same with what you need to read. But, it is extremely important for you to make a balance between the two of them.

There is not wrong reading, you will learn from both. The important thing is that if you read something you want, and at the same time it’s something you need to read, it will be interesting for you. If something is interesting for you it will press you to read more and more until you come to the end.

2. Build strong reading habits for every day.

Set a time that you will spend each day to read what you want and what you need to read. But you will need to ensure that at the same time each day you will read something. That is a strong reading habit. If you build habits, you will see the difference that your daily reading will make for you and your small business.

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3. You will need goals, or how much you will read in the next period of time.

Set up goals for your reading performance and commit to them. For example, you can start by reading one book each month. Then, you can increase the goal of two books monthly, and so on. If you have clear goals and a strong commitment to accomplish them, you will push yourself to read more things.

4. Create your own reading list.

If you want to be more focused you will need a list of the books or materials that you want and need to read. In today’s jungle of books and the availability of different study material, your productivity will ask you to have such a list.

Having a reading list will help you to plan how and what you will read in the next period of time. But, when you come to the end of everything that you have planned to read, you can fill the basket with new study materials.

5. Use technology to help you reading at a place where you will be bored.

The technology in the form of tablets or smartphones will help you always to have different material that you want and need to read in your hands. When you are waiting for something, you can open your reading app and start improving your knowledge. So, you will not be bored, and you will not lose your time.

6. Use audio books to increase the speed of your reading.

Reading, or better said listening audiobooks will increase your reading speed. Additionally, you can increase the speed of the audio and spend less time listening.

7. Use speed-reading apps.

Even I am not the guy who uses these apps a lot, yet there are many people that tell me they are satisfied. They help them to read faster. So, my recommendation will be to give it a try, and if these apps help you to speed up your reading, use them.