Start Scheduling Your Business Meetings With Setster

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Productivity is one of the most important things in businesses. Before some period of time, I came across to a really simple but a very useful tool that impressed me, especially when it comes to moving slowly but surely part of our daily business activities such as business meetings scheduling online.

Time in business means money, and money means more opportunities for business growth. Therefore, this tool for business meeting scheduling (relatively new, from September 2009) could really be useful for entrepreneurs.

What is a Setster?

Setster is a web-based application that can allow you to replace your secretary (sorry secretaries) to schedule your daily business meetings. The target group of users can be businesses that their work is based on providing services through some form of meetings, such as consultants, lawyers, family doctors, dentists, teachers …

Imagine a situation where you can simply no longer have a need of notebooks that will note in the form of a to-do list all your business meetings with clients. This will be done simply through your website where the customer sets for himself the free term. Your job is to view the calendar and to act according to schedule.

Only One Button Can Change Everything
Only One Button Can Change Everything

The Most Important Features of Setster For Business Meetings

As one of the most important features of an entrepreneur and business that I would like to mention here is the following:

1. Online calendar for tracking and canceling appointments.

Online calendar for scheduling meetings

2. Ability to automatically update your Microsoft Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar.

Update your calendar

3. The customer cannot schedule a meeting in the term that was already scheduled.

4. Possibility to add more different services.

5. The easy installation process on your business website or blog.

6. Ability to perform schedules up to one year in advance.

7. Ability to automatically generate an invoice through integration with FreshBooks.

8. The possibility of partial or full payment through PayPal.

9. The possibility of building a list through integration with SalesForce.

Payment, invoice and generate a list

10. Defining the period of time in which somebody can cancel the meeting.

These are just some of the features of this web application for business meeting schedule.

All aforementioned entrepreneurs will need such a tool because productivity has to be the first place for successful business. It’s worth a try. I think that you will not be disappointed.

Using this tool you will control your time managing your calendar remotely. You will be instantly alerted to any changes that will happen to your appointments.