How to Solve Your Business Problems – 3 Solving Aspects

business problems

Solving business problems is an everyday activity of an entrepreneur. They are always present and we can say that there is no business without problems. However, the approach of solving them is something completely different and perhaps something that worries me the most when it comes to small businesses.

Let’s see how you can really solve all of your business problems.

Why This Concern Related to Solving Business Problems?

First, any business problem that can be seen as a simple, it is not. This means that problems are complex, and we should consider their solution in many different aspects.

For example, let’s take a few business problems:

  • Sales start to decline.
  • Our billing printing system is not working.
  • Our employees have delays in finishing their tasks on time.

When we look at these problems we can tell that they are problems that for an average business can be a normal everyday case. They seem simple, but the simplest problem is a problem related to billing printing system because we need only a technical person to solve it.

But, have we solved the problem if only the technical person fix the defect? My opinion is no, it is not solved because it can appear again. With such a solution, we just masked the real problem – the reason for the appearance of that particular defect.

Delaying in performing tasks by employees as a problem can look also simple. It looks simple because we can punish the employees that are not responsible for their job. However, the problem is not only the employee, the source of the problem can be also:

  • Selection system, or how we select the employees for employment.
  • Management system, or how we manage the employees in the company.
  • Training system, or how we train the employees to finish their tasks timely and with the highest possible quality.

For example, you as an entrepreneur select the wrong employees for your business. Your management system doesn’t give you quality performance results. The training of new employees, designed by HRM doesn’t bring quality results for your business. As you can see you can view the problem from different aspects.

Notice that in the business world there is no simple problem. This is the case because we can see only the surface of the real problems and not deep roots of our business model or overall business system.

Concerns regarding this issue appears to me because we always strive to see the problems with technical eyes, or simply as a technical person. This means that in such a way we are blind to see deep root of the problem. Therefore, as a possible solution can be to consider them through three different aspects. Let’s look at all of them.

Three Solving Aspects of Business Problems

Three most important aspects for an approach to problem solving are:

  • Technical aspect
  • Human aspect and
  • Conceptual aspect..

These aspects are similar to the three types of managerial skills.

Technical aspect

Technical aspects of the approach to solving the business problems are only a defects or currently short-term solutions. In such a way you are only removing the existence of the defect.

This aspect is fine, but we cannot stop here. We need to find the real solution. So, when we solve the problem according to the technical aspect we need to continue with the next aspect.

Human aspect

Businesses are complex dynamic systems, which are composed of biological and technical subsystems. We cannot consider the business problems without considering the problems through a human aspect. Is the source of the problem human factor? If it is, how can be solved?

Conceptual aspect

This aspect together with the human is the basis for a good solution. This solution will lead to a situation where there will not appear again such a problem. Conceptual point of view sees the whole, or looks at different things affecting the business as a whole system.