6 Effective Ways You Can Use to Motivate a Sales Team

We could all do with a little motivation at times. Especially when morale is low or sales targets have not been hit. Everyone’s human and no one is going to be on top-form 100% of the time. This is why it’s important for a manager or team leader to motivate a sales team and boost motivational skills so that enthusiasm rubs off on others.

Sales environments are normally very high stress as it is. People need to reach their targets or feel pressured to make as much commission as possible to show their boss they are practically unstoppable.

If you want to motivate a sales team and keep people fired up and motivated, try these effective strategies and sales incentives:  

1. Keep the commission and bonuses generous to motivate a sales team

This is the ultimate driving force for a salesperson. If you want to up the results and keep staff inspired to achieve more, you will want to give your commission structure a rethink.

2. Find out what the main motivation factor is

Every team member and even a team collectively will have their own sweet spot in terms of motivation. This doesn’t even have to be a monetary incentive but it can also be things like staff days out or that wide-screen TV in the sofa room everyone has been waiting for the past year.

3. Get the entire company motivated

It is after all the whole company that will benefit and keeps on improving due to the sales team’s efforts. Therefore, you may want to have bigger competitions that encourage the firm in its entirety to work in their own roles even harder so it becomes easier for the sales team. This could be areas which are often closely connected such as marketing or customer service.

4. Keep things fun, positive and light to motivate a sales team!

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You need to keep things fun in your small business. Many sales staff really thrives and come into their own when they feel relaxed and as though they are allowed to be themselves. After all, they know themselves best and the type of scenarios they can best interact with others in.

It can, therefore, be a good idea to have fun benchmarks or multiple sales incentives instead of just one big commission. For example, if one target is reached, this member can leave early on Friday. Another nice idea is giving away a free weekend trip away. These methods and incentives have been proven time and time again. So if you really want to get your team motivated try injecting some fun and competitiveness into the working day.

5. Have areas where staff can easily relax and unwind

A cozy cafe to take a 15-minute break or a Ping-Pong room are things that can help sales staff get refreshed after a stressful session in the office. Making sure your staff is in a comfortable environment where they can let their hair down will go a long way. In such a way you can motivate a sales team in your small business.

6. A chance to get ahead

Promotional opportunities and career progressions for a true salesperson will be the ultimate motivation. Make sure that, as a manager, you have some great incentives available that involve your staff working towards places in their career instead of staying still.

Putting these into practice can really help motivate your sales team and keep the results pouring in constantly.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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