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Why You Can Always Trust Canon Printers

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The Japanese company Canon has just celebrated its 79th birthday and after almost 80 years of production and service, it’s become one of the most respected and reliable makers of cameras, ink, paper, and toners.

If you own one of the company’s printers you’ll be well aware of how important it is to use Canon ink cartridges to go with it if you want to get the best out of your machine.

If you’re looking to buy a Canon printer

If you’ve usually used different printer brands, you might want to consider buying a Canon machine, especially if you print out a lot of photos. If there’s one company that knows cameras and photography it’s Canon, so it also knows all about the right types of ink for pin-sharp images!

Types of Canon ink

Canon offers you several different ink types so you can buy the options that are best for your needs – there’s standard ink, black ink, and professional quality ink. Of course, Canon also produces toners if you use a laser printer.

As the inks are pigments, any photos are professional quality. Canon ink cartridges have Canon’s FINE technology – Full-Photolithographic Inkjet Nozzle Engineering – which gives each image or letter great sharpness and clarity. These inks actually dye the paper fibers, rather than leaving a film of ink on the surface of the paper, which means rapid drying and no smudging.

You almost certainly know this already, but when you’re buying ink you need to buy the cartridges that are compatible with your model of printer. Some models need several individual cartridges and some can take all-in-one systems.

Make sure you buy genuine Canon inks

Sadly, there are many fraudulent sellers of fake Canon ink and toner cartridges out there, so you must be careful if you order supplies online. There are also many reputable sellers out there, like, who are especially good value if you’re buying in bulk for your business. Look for security seals on the website and search out independent reviews for the seller before you order anything, just to be on the safe side.

You need good quality printing if you’re a business owner

If you run a business, you must have great quality print-outs if you’re to make a good impression on customers and potential clients. If your printed material looks cheap it will make you and your company look low-rent and unprofessional.

If you’re only a domestic user, you still want your printing to look flawless, especially if you print out a lot of photos, letters or flyers for local events. You need the tiny details to come out clearly, with sharp edges and nicely contrasting colors. Text should also be sharp and legible, even when you’re using small fonts. Thankfully, Canon has had almost 80 years to perfect this, and so it’s one of a few companies that can promise brilliant print-outs.

While it’s true that genuine Canon cartridges can cost a bit more than reconditioned or not-quite-genuine ones, you can’t put a price on quality.

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