Three Ways You Can Increase Brand Awareness of Your Company

In order to grow your business, it’s important to make sure that more people are aware of your business in order to penetrate more of your potential market. You need to increase brand awareness for your small business.

Even if people aren’t currently in the purchasing cycle, making sure that they are aware of your services before they start considering a purchase will increase the chance that they choose you.

After all, if they aren’t even aware of your brand then you’re not going to be in the running for their business!

Here are three ways that you can increase brand awareness of your company:

1. Exhibit at a new show to increase brand awareness

If you always go to the same exhibitions – or never exhibit at all – then now is the time to add exhibits to your marketing plan.

As well as being face-to-face with potential customers, it’s a fantastic way to gain a greater exposure for your brand.

Some people may only want to travel to certain venues and cities, so trying out a new location may increase your potential audience.

Just make sure that any displays you use at these events clearly branded so that you can see your logo over a crowd.

Choose sturdy displays such as this roll up banner example will make your graphics stand out and draw attention for the right reasons. Choosing cheap banners can sometimes feel like the most economical choice, but they can curl, peel and break with little use. Make sure you choose a good supplier that can offer guarantees for its quality to increase the lifespan of your displays.

2. Ask bloggers for reviews to increase brand awareness

Bloggers are a great online resource for businesses to get honest feedback about your product or service. Asking relevant blogger groups to write reviews on their websites and mentioning your brand name can help to put your brand in front of your target audience’s eyes.

For example, technology bloggers would be great to contact for a new gadget whereas fashion bloggers would be good to contact for an independent clothing brand.

After all, word of mouth and honest opinions on your services will speak volumes to reinforce your reputation.

3. Be social and improve your brand awareness

Take your brand on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to start talking to your potential customers. You can even use paid social channels to increase the number of relevant people your messages are put in front of.

You can start growing your following on social channels for your brand to be seen by the right people.

It’s worth knowing that growing your following on social media channels takes time and effort but it is worthwhile.

If you start to be seen as the brand that is knowledgeable, helpful, funny and shares great content, then when somebody is ready to purchase then they already think fondly of your brand.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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