Positivity Around Us Can Create Beautiful Working Environment

positive working environment

We can see success if we put our brain in the state of creativity. Positivity creates beautiful working environment. Today is a rainy day! Peoples are closed in their homes, although it is a Saturday, the day that we expect to be beautiful. However, the situation doesn’t need to be black. We can, and we are capable of adding more colors in our lives in such a terrible day.

I am now in the cosmetic store of my wife, and together we are looking in the street full of water and peoples that try to hide from the excessive rain. At the same time, my wife said terrible day, and I told romantic day. It is the same day, looked from the same position and presented from two different persons in two different ways.

It is a big difference in meaning of this two description – terrible and romantic. In this rainy day, I see romance between couples that love each other, but my wife saw an awful day from his business perspective because there are not customers in the store.

It’s because our brain makes a picture of everything that we can see around us. That picture is only our unique picture. We see the same things, but the picture in our brains was different.

When I explain her my picture in my brain, it immediately creates a smile on her face. Sometimes we tend to see things only from one viewpoint, and because of that, we feel a suffer. But, if we have positive people around us, we can change our pictures and chase the suffering from our face. Here are several things that come to my mind about this:

1. We tend to see things in a negative manner

As an entrepreneur, you will probably manage more or fewer employees. There will be negativity in them about some proposals. Your job will be to explain and make that same thing to look same for each employee.

2. Different peoples have a different picture in their mind about the same thing

You must know that different employees will see the same things differently. Here is not about negativity but more about differentiation in the ideas that can be useful. As I talk about different pictures in our brains, there are different ideas in each of that pictures. Because of that, it is helpful for entrepreneurs to look at each of that brilliant ideas and incorporate them into the subject of matter.

3. We need to be more positive to create better working environment

We can feel better with more positivity around us. In such a way we will energize us to perform more and more. It is not only about us, our energy and positive thoughts will also energize the people around us and our working environment. In such a place we can expect more collaboration, more productivity and more quality of work done.

4. We need to share our positivity at our working environment with the people around us

If you have a better picture in your mind, it is helpful to share it with your colleagues. Why is your positivity if you didn’t share and improve your working environment? As I succeed to create a smile on the face of my wife in the environment that is not a perfect, why not to try to help our friends, colleagues, and employees to feel much better in the situation when they are feeling terrible.

It is more about how we can see things around us. Sometimes we can see the better picture, and sometimes our environment can see better pictures. However, if we share that better picture with each other, we can see a beautiful world around us, the world that we create.