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Trust Agents – Book Review

attention reputation and trust agents

Trust Agents is a relatively new book from 2009 written by Chris Brogan & Julien Smith in which primary concern is building trust on the web, or more accurately using the internet to establish a trust that can be used for business purposes.

The authors start the book with the straightforward question “What the book is about?” and most honest answer that the book is: “What do I do now?”

What is the Book About?

Behind this book are people who succeed to build a solid trust using the Internet and at the same time to use it in creating successful businesses. Simply, this book opens some new views on the online presence of the companies and how entrepreneurs can use it to accomplish their business objectives.

To achieve this goal the authors based on six specific features or behaviors of trust agents that are treated in separate chapters of the book. These features are:

  1. Trust agents make their own game. But, the game in which they are the best.
  2. They are one of us. Each trust agent is part of our community.
  3. Archimedes Principle – Give me the lever, large enough, and I can move the world. They use tools to leverage their path to success.
  4. They are agents zero – central figures in their community where they make their own game.
  5. They are still people who understand others, communicate with others, who maintain the others, who share with others…
  6. They build the army. They know that nothing can accomplish as an individual and because of that they cooperate with the community.

What are the Main Features of This Book?

I can freely say that all books have their features and their contribution to the intellectual development of a person. However, about this book I would like to mention the following features:

  • Easy to read.
  • It is practical.
  • It is full of experiential content.
  • It is full of real examples.
  • It is a guide for strengthening relations on the web.

Who Will Benefit From This Book?

This book is primarily designed for small business, entrepreneurs or people who take action. Except for business owners, this book also can be useful for all professionals that in some way are involved in businesses and indeed for people who deal with marketing.

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