Testing of Business Ideas Process… Will You Succeed?

To have many ideas is only a small part of the achievements that you have as an entrepreneur. However, the finish is still not close. Business ideas are simply not enough to ensure your business success.

Your business will need before implementation of anything to implement testing of business ideas process in your business. You will use this process to validate business ideas. So, the biggest question you will answer is how do you know if your business idea is good?

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Now we come to the stage when you need to test your great ideas. Did you succeed? Analyzes, studies, or thoughts can really show that you need to have such a products or services, processes or business models as the result of those ideas.

But, in reality it often happens that the best business ideas that was analyzed and researched through testing of business ideas process not pass the process. It is the case because one thing is analysis and research, and other is practical implementation and receiving an assessment by real customers.

However, you cannot afford to yourself to invest your time and money in something that will get a “red card” by customers. Everything that I have said previously is to ensure that your “big ideas” are closer to your customers. But, it is not enough to become 100% sure that you will succeed. You must be aware that there’s still a large part in your ideas only as assumptions, not facts.

Testing of Business Ideas Process to Find Facts, Not Assumptions

The question that arises here is how to come to the facts? Is it possible to get the facts?

Yes, we can get the facts, but the process is not easy. Why?

Because the only way to get the facts is to test your business ideas and current assumptions outside your office, with real customers. So, I don’t talk about talking with your relatives and friends. I’m talking about customers who have nothing in relation with you. I’m talking about potential customers or ideal customers for your business ideas. They are the customers that will put their hands in the pocket and withdraw money to pay you about your products and services based on your ideas.

You should avoid people who immediately will tell you that your business idea is great and you will earn a fortune without listening you and talking with you. Make sure that all your decisions will be based on research and facts you will cover from your potential customers.

Leave Your Office and Talk to Your Customers

So, go outside your office and try to sell in exactly the same way as you have defined it in your “big idea.” If you succeed to manage such meetings and succeed to sell at least a dozen of products or services, then you can say that your great idea has passed the test. In such a way you will test the sales process, pricing strategies, product’s quality, distribution channels, customer relationship…

But, also don’t forget that in such a way you will get additional ideas from those who are best suited to give you ideas – your customers.

Dragan Sutevski

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