6 Reasons Outsourced Email Services Are Good For Business

Without the right tools for communication, an enterprise can lose valuable customers and important business relationships. To prevent such losses, it’s imperative for companies to have the necessary tools to stay in the game.  For instance, businesses must make sure that their email services are up to scratch because email remains as one of the most valuable communication technologies in the business world.

Yet despite the significance of email, many businesses continue to have inefficient email services. Often, this is caused by having one’s in-house email services overburdened by a growing volume of emails from customers. To reduce expenditures and to deal with any current technical or manpower-related challenges, you have the option of outsourcing your company’s electronic mail services.  This means partnering with third-party companies for your emailing needs.

Numerous businesses now rely on outsourced email services for many good reasons:

Reduced and controlled expenses

Maintaining an internal email platform and a team to handle it can cost a pretty penny. Consider outsourcing your email services to lessen your expenditures. You’ll spend less on hardware, software, applications, storage assets, and data center infrastructure because third-party email service providers already have them. At most, you will only need to pay service fees based on the number of accounts you need. This ‘pay as you grow’ model not only saves you money, but it also allows efficient control and use of resources.

Easy and fast deployment of services

An in-house email service takes considerable money and time before you can launch it to full operations. Before deployment, you’ll need to install and test the infrastructure as well as hire or train specialized staff. By turning to outsourcing, the service commencement phase can become faster. Plus, all the necessary equipment and people needed for the system will already be provided.

Optimum uptime and availability

Greater availability can only benefit your business when it comes to customer service. Having 24/7 email services increases customer satisfaction and retention. In contrast, if your emails services are constantly unavailable, it could lead to delayed responses to inquiries and other customer concerns. As we all know, people dislike waiting, and more so if their message is urgent. This can result in your clients becoming displeased with your business.

However, building an email infrastructure that has failover capabilities is challenging. It’s time-consuming, pricey, and often requires professional expertise. For higher uptime and convenience, you can opt to partner with email service providers. They have platforms that offer protection against failure and operate in fault-tolerant networks to ensure that your business can continue operating.

They may also have programs and applications that can protect your accounts from viruses and other malware to prevent sudden downtime. Email data backup options and offsite storage are also often available for extra security.

More time to focus on your core competencies

While email services are important, they are unlikely to be the main focus of your business. When you handle such services internally, you’ll need a hardworking staff to keep the system running like clockwork. However, hiring and training new workers to manage your growing email needs requires time and resources.  Conversely, assigning customer service-related email tasks to your regular employees can keep them from performing their primary job functions. You can solve this challenge by outsourcing your email services. With this burden off your shoulders, you and your staff will then have more time to focus on the core aspects of your business.

If losing control over your company’s email accounts concerns you, check first if your prospective provider offers a web-based management console. With this tool, you can have shared control you’re your user accounts.

Access to the latest email management technologies

Business communication trends and technologies are always evolving.  Nowadays, it’s no longer enough to just have basic email services.

To remain competitive, many outsourced email services providers offer the best and latest software in the market. Aim for providers that offer useful capabilities like mobile device support and full-featured email with synchronized access options (Outlook and webmail). Other collaboration tools are also available, such as shared calendars, address books, and archiving. Employing the services of third-party providers can let you tap into these features without having to spend a big.

Offers great reliability and improves brand image

There are many professional and reliable outsourced email service providers that you and your customers can rely on. It’s only a matter of searching for them. To maximize the benefits you’ll get, go for companies that have well-trained personnel and top-notch technologies.

If your outsourced email services are reliable and always available, this can boost your brand image.  By making sure that your responses to customer questions and complaints are fast and accurate, you can earn the respect of these people. They are also much more likely to talk positively about your brand. Of course, a respectable reputation can also result in increased customer retention and higher chances of attracting more people who will want to do business with your company.

The power of efficient and effective email services is undeniable. It can help businesses reach more people and help in maintaining good customer service. If you know the right steps to take, it can even help expand your enterprise. Outsourcing your email services is one smart move that you can do to help your company save money, perform better, and earn higher revenues.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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