A New Veneer – Bringing Your Business Into the 21st Century With Smart Design

21st century business technology

Times are changing fast, and any businesses that can’t keep up usually become overlooked by companies that are similar but have adapted to the 21st century. With all the changes in technology and advertising, it’s easy for a longstanding business to fall behind.

Everything detail down to how your office looks and feels can have an impact on your company, for keeping your office up to date there are companies, so you don’t have to worry about making those big changes by yourself, but for everything else that’s down to you and your workers.

So you’re not left completely on your own in this endeavor, here is a list with some tips on how you can bring your business into the 21st century!

User friendly website

In this day and age customers, new and old will find out about your company through the website, so it is best to keep the website clean, attractive, and easy for consumers to understand and use. You can include pictures of your office area, workers, or past projects, so customers can really get a feel of what the company is about. Important things to keep in mind when building your website is that it is kept visually pleasing and makes finding what people need such as a FAQ’s section, about the company, what you offer, and how to get in contact with you.


Apps are becoming a huge investment for companies, making it easier for the consumer to get into contact with you or order something from your website without them needing to search you up online. Giving the users an app on their phone also gives you the advantage of being able to notify them of any changes or deals happening with the company, as the notification will go straight to their phone rather than their email.

Social Media

Social media has become a great way for businesses to interact with their consumers. A place where people can voice their opinions or directly message the company with any issues or questions can build a good relationship between the company and the consumer. You can also keep people up to date on what’s happening within the company by posting pictures or statuses.

Nice workplace

If you work somewhere where customers or other workers are frequently visiting, it’s a good idea to keep your workplace clean and visually pleasing. Somewhere where workers and customers alike don’t dread going and feel comfortable being there. Things such as natural lighting, nice decorations and furniture, and even sufficient heating and cooling can really help a business be more welcoming.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is important. When making all these changes to better suit the ever-changing times and incorporating new customers, don’t forget about the older ones who are still sticking around, if they feel the company is changing too much, they may decide to take their business elsewhere.


If you are a business that can offer memberships, it is highly recommended.

You can keep people around by offering membership-only benefits, discounts, and even events. This will ensure that they come to you first before looking anywhere else.

Owning a successful business is hard enough, but constantly adapting to all the changes that happen in the world is a whole other job in itself, make sure you have people you trust working with you to help you make the changes with moving forward and entering the 21st century. Have fun with the change!