The Importance of Sources of Organizational Changes

sources of organizational changes
This is a second part of the series of the blogs about sources of organizational changes at You may want to read about sources of organizational change where we are talking about internal and external sources of organizational changes.

Some question that is asked permanently is whether sources of organizational changes are important or not for entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs that aren’t following sources of organizational changes will not be entrepreneurs for a long time.

Why Sources of Organizational Changes are Important to You?

Here are some of the reasons why sources of organizational changes are important for entrepreneurs:

  • When entrepreneurs recognize sources of organizational changes they will simplify the planning process of organizational changes. On the other side, good planning is half of the change process.
  • Because an organizational change presents some type of problem solving, then sources of organizational change will tell you more about the problem that exists and must be solved.
  • Timely recognition of sources of organizational change will give you important answers about when your business must change.
  • Sources of organizational change will not allow you to go in winter dreaming. They will keep you awake. So, you will timely react react to all those forces that request changes in your company.
  • External and internal sources of organizational change will make your business to stay in an equilibrium with the environment.

Importance of Continuous Observation of Sources of Organizational Changes

The importance of timely discovering sources of organizational change was shown from Peter Senge in his capital book The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization. He talks about untimely discovering of sources of organizational changes and compares it with “scalded frog”. Senge in his book describe that if we put the frog in the very hot water, the frog immediately will jump from the hot water and will survive.

But, if we put the frog in water with indoor temperature, then the frog will remain in the water. If we gradually increase temperature of water to 25 Celsius degrees the frog will not react and will show signs of satisfaction or enjoying. If we further increase the temperature of the water, the frog will feel the warmth but will not react. At the end the frog will die.

This will happen because frogs have an internal detector of threats that is set to suddenly big or drastic changes. Something like this may be the case with businesses that constantly is under the influence of environment. If in the environment of the business will occur some big problems, entrepreneurs will react on with organizational changes. With this reaction they will avoid negative effects on the business from change in the environment.

But, if changes in the environment are continual small changes, entrepreneurs will not answer on those small threats until they realize that is too late to respond on these turbulences in the environment.

As an entrepreneur, you must continually observe sources of the organizational change, whether they are internal or external, big or small. Maybe this will be the key for your competitive advantage. You must follow everything that’s happened in or out the boundaries of your business.