Together Stronger: Integrating Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing

Long live digital marketing revolution and all its wonders underway. We know – investing in a brilliant, effective digital marketing strategy can make or break your business success.

While digital marketing is clearly stealing the headlines these days though (and by no surprise), there are some who dare bring touches of traditional marketing into their strategy – and end up reaping outstanding results.

Is traditional marketing back? With all this change of perspective that digital has brought, is traditional marketing still able to make any difference?

The Best Out of Two Worlds

The answer might not be as simple as just saying yes but the potential is clearly big. The secret lies in masterfully blending the two into one unified marketing approach. Just as puts it, the need here is one of reframing the perspective. It’s all about using both channels so as to get the most out of them.

Traditional marketing is highly effective in reaching broad audiences while digital marketing has the power to go into deeper and more relevant levels of connection with the consumer. It only sounds natural to combine them for a wider, more effective reach.

Profile Your Customers

To make sure your digital – traditional combo is as effective as it can be, you want to start by looking at what your customers’ profiles are and how you can best reach them. While each channel holds different strengths, you need to know which ones suit you best and how to make them work together based on your consumer’s profile.

Go Multidimensional

The great thing about mixing the two is that it gives your marketing strategy more layers and therefore, more potential. When it comes to making digital and traditional work together, you want to go multidimensional in your campaigns.

Traditional channels are a great way to get wider audiences to get to know your brand while digital ones can keep the connection strong and the engagement up. If one layer can be one based on print advertising, commercials, or sales promotional materials, the other one can be around social media promotion, digital banner ads, SEO strategy, email campaigns, etc.

Juggling with Active – Passive Engagement

There is quite a contrast between the two channels when it comes to the engagement they generate. If a traditional marketing message usually implies a passive engagement of the consumer through, say, a TV ad, a digital one relies more on actively engaging an audience. While active engagement surely sounds good, there is a strong value in utilizing traditional channels. They are, after all, a big part of your audience’s day-to-day life so they provide a good opportunity to reach out better to them.

The magic lies in mixing and matching these two levels of engagement by going where your consumers are and landing a catchy, call for action. As said in one of BDC’s (Business Development Bank of Canada) articles, this is one marketing mix that can attract more potential customers in their preferred way. Many big brands rely on traditional channels of advertising in which they don’t forget to add a digital call to action – say, an invitation to enter a great giveaway on Facebook.

Bottom line, digital is here not only to revolutionize our understanding of marketing but also to give a twist into how to keep traditional channels integrated as well. After all, your consumers are a perfect combination of both traditional and digital lifestyles and that is what you need to adapt.

Author: Charles Dearing is a blogger, consultant and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in digital marketing. He frequently publishes articles on a wide range of business and marketing topics.

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