4 Things to Look Before You Select Hosting Provider for Your Small Business

hosting provider for your business

Today is impossible to see small businesses without their web presentation or e-commerce solution. Because of that, you need a place where all these elements, in the form of text, pictures, and videos, will be available to the global internet population. This place is a hosting provider. There are two types of providers: paid and free. Most of them are, of course, paid, but you can take a look at this list of top free providers.

You can have such a place through services that provide by your hosting provider. Look at the following four things you need to consider before you select a hosting provider for your small business.

1. Stability of the Servers by Hosting Providers

The stability of the system is one of the essential features that an entrepreneur or small business needs in a web hosting company.

Stability Examples:

  • At the time when your potential customer decides against purchasing your products and services, he cannot access your website because the server is down.
  • When your potential customer is in the process of purchasing a decision when he or she performs the analysis of companies on the web and cannot access the products and services that you offer because the server is down.
  • You want to send/receive essential e-mail messages to/from your business partner or to tell your customers about your new product – but there is a problem with the server/e-mail server, and you cannot accomplish these tasks.

2. Speed of the Servers of the Potential Hosting Provider

Nowadays, with modern technology and computers and their fast growth, people want quickly to carry out their work on the computer. Our time is becoming precious, and we need every second of that time.

An essential factor in the speed of the website is also the location of the hosting servers of your hosting provider and its software and hardware performance. If you are looking for a short loading time for your website from any part of the world, you need a hosting provider that has servers around the globe, such as verpex.com.

Speed Example:

  • The potential customers find your website because you have invested enormous efforts into SEO or you have an active Google AdWords campaign that brings potential customers to your site. But, when they try to open or try to view some web pages, they wait too long. This irritates them, and they simply click the X sign (close). Ask yourself how many times you leave the website because you don’t have time to wait to open it. If you as an entrepreneur, have a site that will open quick and immediately when potential customers enter the URL in their browser, then they become part of your sales funnel and can immediately begin to seek what they need.

Speed is essential to attract visitors and convert it into your customers and make them enjoy clicking the links on your website and quickly jumping from one to another link without waiting.

3. Confidentiality of the Hosting Provider

A hosting provider where you host your business website will have much information about your business that simply represents an industrial secret. Because of that, confidentiality is another factor that you, as an entrepreneur, must consider when you choose a hosting provider for your small business.

Here are a few recommendations to ask yourself:

  • How many clients do they have?
  • Who are their clients? Is there any large company?
  • How long the specific hosting provider exists on the market?
  • Do they have invested in equipment or simply just resell packages from other hosting providers?
  • If it is a reseller, what is the reputation of the hosting provider for which they are resellers?

Confidentiality Example

  • Your competitor comes and offers your unconfident hosting provider something to get the information on the number of visitors, their geographic location of them, and most visited product pages… Do you want this information to be in the hands of your competitors? Probably, you would not like it!

4. Technical Support

When it comes to technology, often, many unexpected mistakes can be harmful to your business if you do not respond quickly. So when choosing a hosting provider who will host your website, you must be sure that it has a reputation for quality technical support.

Types of technical support:

  • Basic support via an e-mail system.
  • More sophisticated support through a support ticket system.
  • Phone contact.
  • Support through social networks and IM clients.
  • Technical support via Live Chat.

Technical Support Example

It happens as a technical problem that produces the crashing of the server where your website is hosted. You call the hosting company, but you simply cannot get answers. Your potential customers cannot access your website, though they have decided to buy something from you.