How to Implement Extraordinary Marketing Campaigns

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If your business is “normal” business, the existence probably will rely on your customers and how much you sell to them. However, selling without marketing cannot be done, or can be done but not in the way as you want. On the other side, marketing without the last steps, the real marketing campaigns that will attract customers is as something without a head.

If you already have done your homework that means you have a marketing plan, and you:

  • Already know your target market.
  • Already have marketing objectives.
  • Know what will be your marketing strategy.
  • Know what will be your marketing tactics.
  • And know what will be your marketing activities.

then, you can continue with scheduled marketing campaigns with next 10 steps.

1. Check Your Marketing Plan to See What’s Next.

Your marketing plan is the one and only source of information about all your marketing campaigns. You must consult your marketing plan before you start designing campaigns.

2. Make Clear Objectives for All Marketing Campaigns You Plan to Implement.

You already have your overall marketing objectives. Now, is time to transform those objectives into the campaign’s objectives. Think about concrete numbers as a number of people who must be attracted to the campaign, or the number of sales based on the current marketing campaign.

3. What Will Be Most Important Metrics?

Answer this question about the most important metrics. This metrics will be indicators that at the end of the campaign will tell you is it successful or not. Starting metrics will be the campaign objectives that you set up in the previous step.

4. Setup Marketing Budget.

How much money can you spend on the campaigns? Maybe you want to spend million dollars, but you didn’t have it. You must optimize your budget for the best possible results.

extraordinary marketing campaigns

5. Divide You Marketing Campaigns into Clear Action Steps.

You need to divide your marketing campaigns into clear and small action steps. It is much easier to implement your campaigns if you have explicitly defined action steps you need to take.

6. Prioritize All Action Steps.

Always there will be more important action steps from other action steps. Because of that, it is important to prioritize your action steps to be sure that something important will not be forgotten. This step will help you to better delegation process in the next step.

7. Delegate the Action Steps for Your Marketing Campaigns.

If you have employees simple delegate all your low priority actions step that needs to be done from them. You cannot handle all things. Start thinking more about your work-life balance.

[clickToTweet tweet=”It is much easier to implement your campaigns if you have explicitly defined action steps you need to take.” quote=”It is much easier to implement your campaigns if you have explicitly defined action steps you need to take.”]

8. Let’s Do It!

When you set up all activities the campaign can be started.

9. Measure and Analyze!

Follow important metrics that you have defined in the third step and analyze the achievements of the campaign.

10. Improve or Repeat!

Always there are possibilities for improvement. Use your findings from previous step to improve your campaign or for repeating in the future.