Here is How to Use Your Knowledge as a Prop During Sales Process


Knowledge is the second layer of an entrepreneurial success. However, also it is something that must be everywhere in your business. It also can be used as a prop during sales that will boost your business income. It is composed of two major elements: education and experience, but it needs the passion and persistence to build it and use it for the business purpose.

Here are 8 ideas to use your and your sales teams knowledge as a prop during sales.

1. Show it, don’t hide it from your customers

How someone as your potential customers will know that you and your business is right for them about their problems if they don’t know that you and your business are enough competent for their needs. Simply, show that you are competent, show your expertise and start building reputation and trust in the eyes of your customers.

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2. Help your potential customers to make the right decision

You and your sales team expertise have a big potential to decrease decision-making time of your potential customers. So, focus your intentions using what you already know to help them in choosing the right direction for themselves.

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3. Help your customers after-sale process

It is an important element in helping your customers after they made their purchase. This help will increase the probability that customers will become returning customer for your small business.

4. Use your business blog to show it

If you want to build credibility and reputation with your knowledge then start using the business blog. It will be a great source to spread your knowledge to the potential customers.

5. Give a knowledge instead lowering prices

Your superior knowledge and experience can give you the opportunity to sell your products and services at a higher price than your competition. This will improve your overall profitability.

6. Answer all customers questions

Customers always will have some questions. Answering their questions you will build reputation and competence for your business. You must be careful because customers have some secrets that will not tell you. But, if you know those secrets you can give the right answers.

7. Use your knowledge in your business newsletters

If you use printed or electronic newsletter to inform your current or potential customers, they are the good places for sharing and spreading your expertise.

8. Use your knowledge for the purpose of upselling

It is the best source to make up-sale when you are in the sales process.