Are You Ready to Go Solo With Your Career?

working for yourself

It can be very tempting to idealize working for yourself, especially if you’re currently employed and have a difficult manager or co-workers to deal with.

But, before you had your notice in and leave the comfort and security of a salaried position behind you, you need to be sure about whether working for yourself will suit you.

Not Every Personality is Suited to Entrepreneurship

Many careers can be turned into freelance ones, but only some small business owners will be successful. Often it’s not about the work itself; it’s how well-equipped you are to work alone. Although your co-workers may irritate you at times at the moment, how would you feel about having little social interaction during the working day?

Some people who decide to work for themselves find it incredibly isolating, and it’s that rather than the focus of the work that ends up causing them problems. Many still feel fear because they don’t know if being an entrepreneur will be better for them than being employed by someone.

Some of the other attributes that entrepreneurs need are having a strong sense of initiative and determination to succeed. A high level of resilience will be required to see you through the tough times, and you’ll have to be willing to take some risks. It’s worth talking through the idea with friends and others who already work for themselves. You might even consider a tarot reading to get some insights on whether your personality is a suitable one for entrepreneurship or freelance working. These kinds of readings are simple to organize online and can often reveal character traits that you might not be aware of, and this could influence your decision.

Personality Entrepreneurship

Would You Miss the Security of Being Employed?

You may resent that being employed means that you have so little vacation time, but at least when you’re employed that vacation time is paid. How would you feel about losing the benefits of employment – a regular and predictable income, paid sick leave and vacation time? Of course, there are many upsides to working for yourself. You can dictate your own hours, working in the middle of the night if that’s what you prefer. It’s also often easier to fit family commitments around a freelance role than a salaried one. For instance, if your child’s in a school show, you can fit your schedule to accommodate that and you’ll be able to stay home with them when they’re sick. However, as your income may be less predictable, it’s realistic to accept that you’ll have times when you have too much work to handle, or not enough to cover the bills.

Think About Your Workspace

With so many different device options available to us – from smartphones to tablets to good old-fashioned desktops – you may think that you don’t actually need a dedicated workspace if you’re going to work from home. However, working from the kitchen table may not be great for your productivity – especially if you don’t live alone and are liable to be interrupted.

It depends how good you are at zoning out distractions, but most freelance workers or entrepreneurs would recommend having an area that’s dedicated to working, even if it’s a question of converting an extra bedroom into an office. Apart from anything else, it’s good to be able to delineate workspace from home space.

There are thousands of successful freelance workers and entrepreneurs out there, but it’s not something that suits everyone. Weigh up the pros and cons carefully, and think about how you’d actually feel in that situation before you hand in your resignation. And if you’re starting out a business that you may not know all the ins and outs about, you can take the opportunity to learn some skills and earn credibility like a california online mba. You’ll be able to better manage your business if you have decent knowledge on how to run it.