Four-Wall Freedom – 6 Tips For Making the Most Out of Your Workplace

The perks of being an entrepreneur go far beyond making your own schedule and being your own boss.  One of the greatest things about owning your own business is getting to create a workplace setting from scratch that inspires you and your team.

Statistics say the average working adult spends 50% of waking hours at their job.  Creating a healthy office space with good energy is not only good for your health, it boosts productivity.  Read on for 6 top tips for making the most out of your workplace.

Designer technology

Providing your team with top of the line technology and communication tools is essential for efficiency and productivity.  Not only that, your employees will feel valued that you invested in tools that make their jobs and lives easier.  Employing a company like CCMN Melbourne will dramatically improve communication internally and with external stakeholders.

This command center unifies all business communication making life at work easier and more efficient.  Say goodbye to lost time on techie issues with a built-in technical staff at your fingertips.  Don’t skimp on technology, it is the foundation for all communication.

Flexible Hours

Is the rigid 9-5 schedule one of the reasons you kicked the corporate life to the curb?

Owning a business lets you create flexible working hours for you and your staff.  Flexi hours are great for more than just being able to hit a yoga class before work.  Studies show flexible hours lead to employees who achieve more, are sick less, end up working more hours and have a happier general outlook on work.

workplace statistics

Pretty plants

Take a minute and look around your office.

Does the environment inspire productivity or make you count the minutes until you head home?  The decor of an office is more important than you may think.  Artwork and plants make a huge impact on happiness and productivity.  A recent study concluded that the addition of just a few live plants in an office may increase productivity by up to 15%. If you have outdoor space, maybe even try a little herb garden to inspire healthy eating habits!

Look at the Lights in Your Workplace

If your office flooded with fluorescents or bathing in natural light?

Fingers crossed it is the latter!  There are many studies that point to lighting as a key component to productivity.  Increased natural light in an office can impact an employee’s health, happiness, and overall productivity.  Desks near a window will see employees with better overall mood, improved metabolism, and even better sleep! As an entrepreneur, you get to choose where your team sets up a home base.  Prioritise a place with lots of windows and reap the benefits of a happier, more productive business!

Creative Corners at Your Workplace

An office doesn’t have to be filled with square desks, straight lines, and boring furniture.

Put an effort in to make your workplace a creative culture that inspires thinking outside the box.  Corners of unused space could be a funky meeting space with a couple bean bags and a lamp.  An empty storage room could be revitalized into a meditation or relax room to boost energy on long days.  Get creative to be creative, your staff will thank you.

Have fun at your workplace!

The world of the start-up business is fun, new, exciting.

As Millennials begin to take over the workforce, fun will be essential.  A recent study shows 79% of millennials think fun at the workplace is important. But don’t do it because you feel like you have to, do it because incorporating fun into the workplace also results in decreased absences, increased productivity and decreased stress.  So host a wine and cheese at the community table, or do the weekly newspaper quiz together and have some FUN.

Gone are the days of a four-walled cubicle in a drab gray under fluorescent lights.

The modern office is packed with creative, inspiring nooks and crannies.  With half of your waking hours being spent at work, it makes sense that a home-like feeling at the office boosts happiness and productivity.  As an entrepreneur, your business is driven by your passion.  Take it a step further, and let that flow into the workplace using the tips above.

Dragan Sutevski

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