5 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Lead Generation Machine

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A multi-faceted phenomenon, blogging not only provides an online outlet for people ranging from creatives to crossfitters, but it has also undeniably changed the global marketing landscape. Blogging was the beginning of all the foundational digital platforms we know today – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – these are all forms of creative blog writing.

So, just how do you turn your blog into a source of income?

Why, with lead generations, of course! In order to turn your blog into a positive ROI for your business, you’re going to need prospective customers (leads) to turn (generate) into paying clients.

1. Make your blog an extension of your website

To mitigate the risk of users never landing on your main site’s homepage, your blog should be located on your business’ website as a subdomain. This ensures that all inbound links to blog pages will increase the search power of your main site. As well as this, it will result in more potential leads being within the realm of converting, as they are already on the main site.

Ensure that the transition is seamless by linking your blog visually as well as technically. Specifically, make sure the design and interfaces of both pages do not clash.

2. Offer your readers exclusive content

In order to direct people to your site, you’re going to have to offer them something truly original and rewarding. Make sure to provide value in your regular blog posts, but offer exclusive content that can help them even more than free access to your blog can.

Tease readers with witty, authentic posts, but hold something back for those who are willing to give a little extra in exchange for some more in-depth information. For instance, offer an insight into a particular topic on your blog, but for subscribers, send them comprehensive workshops that break down the free content.

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3. Use CTAs in your blog posts

A CTA is a Call To Action, and it is just as the name suggests: a way to compel your readers to take action. For landing pages and in on-site advertisements, adding a CTA is absolutely essential. Despite being an incredibly effective conversion tactic, CTAs are surprisingly underused in blogs. Each time you write a blog post, try to include a link to another blog post or a different page on your site, as well as incorporating links to other relevant and reputable sources.

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4. Reach out to influencers

This lead generation tactic is less passive than those aforementioned options.

Reaching out to influencers requires effort and communication on your part, but the results are well worth it. First, you’ll need to identify some on-brand influencers in your industry that have a formidable and engaged following.

Get their attention by digitally interacting with these accounts, making your brand recognizable. Next, organically reach out by offering them something that other brands aren’t, while also encouraging a response by keeping your tone relatable.

5. Make it shareable and subscribable

Traffic is the cornerstone of any successful blog.

The more traffic that passes through your website, the higher the chance that these will generate into leads. Thus, it’s imperative that you fit out your blog with all the key social sharing capabilities, specifically the professional big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Encourage your visitors to share your content and make it easy for them to do so – this will allow you to organically reach your network’s network.

The reach of blogging is so astronomical, that a ‘blogger’ has been a standalone occupation almost since its inception. Dawning in the early 1990’s, this form of digital expression has now become an unshakeable pillar of modern marketing – and digital media as a whole. A blog is an opportunity; ensure you are utilizing the right strategies to take advantage of it.