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5 Event Planning Softwares to Consider

5 Event Planning Softwares to Consider

Planning an event is a huge job – there is so much to think about and consider, from choosing and booking a relevant speaker to laying on a delicious and filling spread – it is easy to forget even the smallest of details. So, you will get real help by using event planning software.

But, do this or make a wrong decision, and an event that could have been amazing is suddenly a disaster.

Picture this, for example, you are running out of time, and you still need to book your speaker – and so, in your hurry, you pick the first person you come across. But then, on the night, you realize that although the person is great, they just aren’t right for the guests attending. If you had had more time, you could have explored your options while considering your specific audience. TicketFairy is another excellent event ticketing system that is equipped with the latest techs to market your tickets. With this system, you will be able to gain 20-40% of organic buyers and also offer real-time analytics.

So, with that in mind – to make your life a little bit easier this year and allow you to focus more time and attention on the most important details and ensure you forget nothing, here is the event planning software that will help you to plan the best one ever.

event planning software


Whether you are organizing an event for hundreds or thousands of people, selling tickets and keeping track of attendees is a big task and one that is easy to mess up. But make a mistake with the tickets by either overselling or even underselling them, and you could find you are faced with some very unhappy people.

Eventbrite, however, should help you to avoid this happening. It provides event planning and management software for events of all shapes and sizes. So whether you organize a festival or a charity fundraiser, it will enable you to post an event online, sell tickets, and track sales and registrations.

Event Planning Software Eventbrite

There will be no need for paper invitations anymore – you can send out invitations and track RSVPs and ticket sales all in one place. You can also stop relying on your limited email list for event promotion because with this software, and you can use an online event listing and social media tools to reach a wider audience than ever before. Plus, with the Eventbrite Organizer app, you can get your guests in much faster on the day with on-site ticket scanning and check-in.

Planning Pod

Event Planning Software - Planning_Pod

While organizing an event, you can end up with important information spread across documents, emails, and even scraps of paper. This isn’t very helpful, particularly if you lose or forget about one of them. 

This event planning software, however, enables you to stay organized by managing all your event details in one convenient place. It covers everything from planning and promotion to check-in across 30 integrated tools, making it easier for you to keep team members and clients up-to-date and simplifying the process.

You can create essential assets such as floor plans, budgets, and task lists, and it boosts productivity, tracks attendees, enables you to collaborate online and promote your event as well as provides the opportunity to manage business details such as invoices, and contracts, and e-signatures.


Online Event Management Software Cvent UK

This software is a platform for the entire life cycle of your event – from finding unique venues and setting up a budget to marketing it and engaging your attendees on-site and providing you with the opportunity to measure success afterward – which is invaluable information to have going forwards.

You can start with website design to customize a site specifically for your event, which embeds video, maps, and social media sharing and can easily be cloned for future events. Then on to your e-mail marketing which can be branded to match the website. Finally, database management provides you with reports, budget management, support, and training.

The event registration section will allow you to register guest, forward invite and connect through social, will provide a personal confirmation with the ‘add to calendar’ widget, can differentiate pricing, and has the ability to set session capacity and allow a waiting list.

On-site, any computer or tablet can act as a self-service portal for registration and check-in, and you can also take live payments. Once inside the social wall, you can compile and display attendees’ content in real-time at your event, helping to generate excitement and engagement.


Conference and Event Management Software Symphony

This is another complete event management toolkit allowing you to manage your event from start to finish and share valuable data with those who need it.

With this software, you can schedule and automate emails, create branded websites, capture registrations online, keep on top of your tasks, accept payment online, schedule reports to your Inbox, plan your budget, organize sessions and create rooming lists.

Managing your event from start to finish, in one place, will transform the way you work.


Event Management Solutions Eventsforce

The event management section of Events force is a complete toolkit for events of any size and will take care of the whole process from planning and registration to post-event analysis and reporting. Features include personalized event invitations, custom websites, registration management, group bookings, session selections, online payment and invoicing, one-to-one delegate meetings, email communication tools, badges and barcoding, quick search, and advanced reporting and social media marketing.

You can also integrate the Eventsforce abstract for a complete solution that combines abstracts, registration, and sessions in one convenient place. If you wish, there is also the opportunity to use Eventsforce awards to design and manage internal and external award programs.

So, which is the best event management software, you ask? Well, that depends on your personal requirement and preferences, as well as the events you organize, how big it is, and how often it occurs. Why not try the free trials and see which ones work best for you before you invest any money. You will be able to quickly tell whether it is saving you time and how helpful it is. But, we have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised…

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