10 Ideas to Beat Your Entrepreneurial Inertia

10 Ideas to Beat Your Entrepreneurial Inertia

Entrepreneurial inertia causes entrepreneurs to become resistant to change what is opposed to what exactly an entrepreneur must be.

Are you finding yourself in a situation when you want or must take some action steps, but you didn’t take it? Are you finding yourself in a position where you want to start a business, but something pulls you back to the current status quo situation? Or, are you finding yourself in a case when you must decide, but you didn’t decide?  Are you finding yourself in a position to make your plan and never implement it in reality? Are you finding yourself to have a vision but to tell yourself “it doesn’t matter”?

All of these situations are examples of entrepreneurial inertia that can make your entrepreneurial life much harder. Here I want to share with you ten ideas that will help you beat your entrepreneurial inertia.

1. Be Persistent, Don’t Given Up!

Persistency is the solution that gives you the ability never to become inert in your business. If you have clear goals and you are persistent in achieving those goals, you will never become a part of entrepreneurial inertia.

2. Remove All Possible Constraints!

Finding constraints and eliminating them forever will increase personal and business productivity. Productivity is the opposite of inertia. On the other hand, there will always be some constraints as fear, not enough talent, need for perfectionism, etc. To escape from your entrepreneurial inertia, remove possible constraints from your mind.

3. Don’t Procrastinate!

Procrastination is a source and gateway of entrepreneurial inertia. Don’t procrastinate. Finish everything on the list for today, and you will never be a part of it.

4. For Each of Your Business Decisions, Immediately Make Clear Action Steps!

The decision itself is not an action. Something that is not an action that will move you forward become a part of inertia. To be sure that you will implement each business decision immediately after deciding, take action steps to lead you through implementation.

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5. Be Clear About Your Goals!

Unclear goals will lead you to skip some goals and continue with others on the list. If your goals are clear and concrete, you will achieve all of your goals, and you will never be a part of entrepreneurial inertia.

6. Let’s Make All Your Ideas Happen!

I know we have too many ideas that simply cannot happen. However, if you organize yourself in the right way, everything can be a reality. Read the book Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky.

7. Don’t Try Everything to be Perfect!

Sometimes perfection can be very far from us. However, that didn’t mean that we must stop our business activity. Nothing is perfect. You can improve everything.

8. Escape From Negative Persons!

Negative persons around you can be a tremendous source of entrepreneurial inertia. Try to escape from them if you don’t want to take their negative energy to you.

9. Reward Yourself!

Rewards can be a significant cause of moving forward. Reward yourself for each achievement.

10. Publish What You Think To Do!

If you published something, there is a much more significant probability of finishing what you promise. If you make a public announcement of something, it will have more weight than if it is only known to you.