Entrepreneurs Guide To Dressing For Success

dressing suit

How an entrepreneur dresses says a lot about them and their perspective of their audiences. Over the years, media attention has shifted to what business people are wearing, and this has, in turn, influenced fashion and culture. Regardless, what you wear to work will determine how others treat and see you.

Over the last decade, iconic entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have turned the fashion industry around. Zuckerberg has made the hoodie an almost official uniform for business people in the tech world. However, that does not mean that we have seen the last of cufflinks and pantsuits. Different business contexts are now demanding a particular image from entrepreneurs. Whichever industry you have chosen, dressing for success is an essential skill that you need to nurture.

1. The suits are leaner and more fitting.

Fewer and fewer people are going for loosely fitting suits. Baggy suits are now a thing of the past, and they tend to produce a disheveled look.

2. It is now quite uncommon to see younger entrepreneurs carrying a briefcase.

In most cases, you will see them with structured bags and briefcases. Essentially, this used to be a thing that you would see with women, but that has changed. Men have also picked on the trend.

3. Another thing that is now common in lifestyle accessories

These are smart watches that are multi-functional. Wearers can communicate, respond to messages and even keep track of bodily wellness.

Dressing tips for professionals

1. Wear the right attire

Some individuals may think that wearing oversized t-shirts adorned with the logos of their companies will market their business. In an ideal situation, everyone should be wearing collared shirts, well-fitting pants and suits. However, the rule of the thumb is to avoid baggy attires. Avoid anything that will make you look as if you are struggling to show up for work. Keep your clothes ironed and tuck your shut. You do not have to look expensive to seem professional.

2. Choose the right kind of shoes

The kind of shoes that you choose as an entrepreneur is important. Unless you are an iconic business person such as Zuckerberg, stick with leather. You need to create an impression of professionalism in your business affairs. Invest in blucher, longwigs, oxfords, and wingtips if you want your associates to see you as a serious individual to carry on the business with.

3. Have a watch

For some people, wearing a watch seems old school. People are now using their phones to tell time. However, serious entrepreneurs should wear a watch as it is easier to have one than to pull out your phone every now and then. Good wristwatches that complement whatever you are wearing are the way to go. However, keep it simple. Understated luxury watches with leather straps appear modest and classy. Go for the sleek styling watches that are not too flashy. You don’t want your associates’ attention to always be on the accessories. Smartwatches may be trending, but it is a good idea to keep it simple.

4. Wear a belt

If you are wearing a suit, it will look good if you also wear a belt. The most common are black and brown, as they match most of the attire you wear. When it comes to shopping for a belt, choose high quality that will last you a long time. The crocodilian or calfskin belts are good. You can never go wrong with them.

5. Have a tie

The current trend is doing away with ties. Young entrepreneurs are wearing collared shirts without any ties. However, a tie is still an important piece of clothing that will complement your suit. A Charvet or a Brioni tie will give that professional look that creates a good impression among the people that you meet.