4 Ways You Can Boost Advertising For Your New Startup

Have you been struggling with getting your company launched and off to a solid start? Now that you have your company product in hand as well as your new business space, it’s time for the grand opening. You need to boost advertising to bring customers to your startup.

Drawing in consumers can be a struggle for any new entrepreneur—especially if your company is a brand spanking new. Here are a few ways that you can help to advertise your business and draw people in.

1. Improve Your Social Media Platforms to Boost Advertising

If you really want to reach all of your customers and attract new consumers to your showroom, one way is through social media. Social media platforms are an inexpensive way to build your brand and target a specific demographic. While you can have a complete and thorough social media site, be sure to pay attention to:

  • New friend requests or new company likes and posts.
  • Don’t forget to interact with readers promptly after they ask a question or comment on your page.
  • Offer special and important business sales announcements via social media to followers only.
  • Network with other companies and business owners.
  • Advertise in-house specials and online offers through your platforms.

You may also want to consider incorporating an online or mobile app that will help remind you when someone contacts you on social media. This way you won’t miss important contact information or discrepancies that should occur with order tracking on your online websites. Making your social media stand out will help make it easy for your fans and customers to stay in touch with your business around the clock.

2. Host An Open House Or Community Event

One way to boost advertising and your business sales is by welcoming guests through your doors. Give them the incentive to come to your place of business by making them feel welcome by offering food, drinks, and door prizes that highlight what your company can offer them.

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Have a heavy-duty canopy or marquee tent created with your company logo to draw people in and showcase what your business is all about. This is also a great way to reach out to other neighboring businesses to help boost possible referrals within the community as well. You can advertise an open house in several ways:

  • Directly outside of your business with heavy duty tent canopies advertising your product
  • On your storefront
  • On printed table covers
  • With signage and ads throughout the community
  • Direct mailings
  • Phone contacts
  • Newspapers and newsletters
  • Through your website or social media platforms

3. Focus On Your Marketing Team to Boost Advertising

Do you have an in-house marketing director? If not, have you thought about hiring a freelance marketing team to handle your advertising needs? If hiring a marketing pro-full-time is out of your budget, consider outsourcing and launching your marketing plan through an ad agency or individual who specializes in sales and related services. They will help you to boost your advertising to bring as many as possible customers to your business doors.

Someone with an eye for advertising and developing a marketing plan that will help your business grow is your best chance at reaching your target audience. A good marketing executive will generate related copy and create data reports that will show you where to focus your main demographic and advertise to them accordingly and professionally.

Your marketing team can also collab with a graphic designer to come up with one or multiple logos and advertising data to showcase on your custom awning or canopy. This is great for future travel and community events such as tradeshows, fairs, and venues where advertising is key for your sharing your business.

4. Boost Advertising Local And Regional

Making sure that your business shows up on the map not just locally but nationally is important as a business boost. Even if your business focuses mainly on local products or services, vendors, suppliers and other outsource may want to offer you their business information to further enhance your company. This could be in the form of new data or technology that might help you expand your future horizons.

Don’t hesitate to speak with your marketing or advertising exec about creating a targeted plan for the best advertising and where to distribute it accordingly.

Getting your business off the ground is one thing, keeping it going and thriving takes hard work, effective advertising, and a proven plan that will keep your customers coming back.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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