How to Get People to Notice Your New Business

customers notice your new business

Running your own business can be an exciting time. You get to be your own boss, promote something you’re passionate about, and bring your dreams to life through your company. However, when you’re just getting started with your new business, it can be challenging to get people notice your new business and to drive traffic through your doors.

Unless you have a sales or marketing background, you may not know where to begin when it comes to getting your name out in front of the right people. There are a few tips you can follow to not only help people become aware of your business but get them interested in your products or services.

Tell Your Story If You Want Customers to Notice Your New Business

People love hearing a good story, and nobody knows the story of your business and products better than you. Share your story when and wherever you can, especially if you’re just getting started. Getting the buzz out about your business is a great way to get people talking and ensure you’re top of mind when they need something you sell.

Know Your Audience

Who may be interested in buying your product or service? Whether your business offers catering services for events or sells specialty coffee and espresso drinks, knowing who may be most likely to purchase your product is good to know, so you can get yourself out there in front of the right people. It may take some research to narrow down your audience, but once you’ve figured it out, you should have a good idea of who you need to reach.

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Reach Your Audience

Now that you know who your key audience is, you need to decide how you’re going to reach them. If your key demographic is 65+ men, setting up an online campaign on social media may not be the best way to reach them, whereas an ad in the local newspaper might. If your target audience includes affluent millennials in urban areas, using targeted marketing on social media and the internet would likely be more effective than a traditional newspaper or radio ad.

Hit the Pavement

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to get your name out there by taking your campaign to the streets. Hand out flyers or business cards at local events or talk to people at networking events to put yourself on their radar.

Build a Great Website

These days, most people will probably check out your website before they stop by your store. Unfortunately, many small business websites tend to fall short when it comes to website content. Build a strong website before you even open your doors to ensure you make a good first impression when people visit your site. Some things to remember are to keep the layout clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Place important pieces of information about your business, such as hours, location, and what types of payments you take in an easy to find place, like on the homepage and don’t forget to have links to your social media pages if you have them so people can like and share your business page once they’ve visited and had a great experience.

notice your new business

Partner with Other Businesses, So Your Customers Notice Your New Business

Another effective method of getting the word out about your business is to partner with another local business that’s already established and has a following. Work together to host an evening event where you promote one another’s products. For example, if you’re a catering company, partner with a local brewery or winery to host a pairing event. Agree to make referrals to one another when appropriate or offer promotions such as coupons for the other business whenever someone makes a purchase.

However, you choose to spread the word about your business, remember to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no business is an overnight success. With hard work, perseverance, and a little know-how, your customers will notice your new business. In such a way your company can be a success if you give it time to grow.