7 Content Marketing Tools That Can Help You Succeed in Blogging for Business

If you are a small business owner, probably you’ve already known about content marketing, or you are using content to attract new customers or to increase communication with the current customers. So, you need content marketing tools in order to become more productive and effective when it comes to your content marketing tactics.

Why Content Marketing Tools?

Content marketing is something that we can classify as the most important marketing weapon for your small business. Many small businesses use content marketing strategies to increase their online or offline sales. The practice shows that content marketing can bring several times more customers to a business that implements it in the right way.

Something that we must emphasize is that implementation of the content marketing strategies is free or in some cases, you can implement it with a budget of less than $1000. However, on the other side, this is a time-consuming job. Time is required especially for brainstorming ideas of content and the creation of that content. Here, different content marketing tools will be really helpful.

Content Marketing Tools That Can Help You

There are plenty of content marketing tools that can help you to become more organized and implement your content strategy in the best possible way. I have tried many of them. Some are great, some not. Some are free and some paid. But, generally speaking, each tool that can be used for these purposes can bring increased productivity.

I use different content marketing tools to have always a list of several blog post ideas. Here I will mention some of the content marketing tools that I use or have used in the past.

1. Open Live Writer

Open Live Writer, previously called Windows Live Writer is a desktop application developed by Microsoft that can be used as a blog editor to create blog posts, add photos and videos then publish them to your website, similarly to what you’d to in the WordPress Visual Editor, to your website, similarly to what you’d to in the WordPress Visual Editor. You can save your articles as a draft and after some period of time edit and when you finish, post them directly from the application.

Open Live Writer as Content Marketing Tool

2. Evernote

Evernote can be used from your PC or Mac Desktop and your mobile phones or tablets. Each idea from everyday life, from the computer, or from your phone can be placed in one place with the Evernote.

You can use Evernote to be your digital storage for content marketing ideas, creatives or everything you find on the web and want to use as a reference when you work on content creation.

3. Ulysses

Ulysses is one of the best writing apps for Mac, iPad, and iPhone that enable a really pleasant, effective, and focused writing experience. Additionally, it can be used as text storage where you can write all your ideas, content marketing concepts, and so on. Also, with Ulysses, you can directly publish your blog post on the WordPress website.

content marketing tools - ulysses

4. MindMaps Apps

You can choose from different mindmaps maps like Freemind (PC), iThoughts (iPhone), or MindNode. Before I start using mind maps to organize my ideas and future actions many of my ideas become junk.

Every time when I come up with an idea about something I put it into the mind map. In such a way, I am more organized and more productive and each idea is better prepared to become reality. I use Freemind for PC and iThoughts for the iPhone and Mac which gives me to save the map in a format that can be read on Freemind.

content marketing tools - ithoughtsX

5. Audio Recorder on your Mobile Phone

This tool is so important to me because I can use it to capture my ideas in each situation. I can use it when I walk when I drive when I rest…

6. TextExpander for iPhone and Mac

I find this tool several years ago, but now it is so important to me and I can not imagine my work without it. I use the TextExpander to write something or to transfer my ideas into the text. What is most important is that I can write notes from the meetings and after that, I will have something already prepared as a text file.

On the other hand, the application has the possibility to add snippets that can save me time when I write something.

content marketing tools - text expander

7. Cloud Solutions

I use different cloud solutions such as the Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive to connect with my ideas and notes from everywhere.

If you have something worth sharing as a content marketing tool you are using, feel free to let us know.

Dragan Sutevski

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