How Much Working Hours Do You Spend on Work? Is it 8, 10 or 12 Hours Daily?

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How much working hours you spend on your business? Do you work 12 hours a day? Most small business owner works excessively. It is the same as a mother with a newborn baby. Startups for an entrepreneur are their newborn baby who constantly requires a certain kind of care.

However, we can see different experiences from different entrepreneurs! Some succeed painlessly to pass this stage of the life cycle of his business! But, some just get stuck in an endless spiral of continuously increasing working hours without noticeable results!

I will try through this post to give some suggestions to avoid such undesirable situations.

Before Business Startup…

It is interesting that the biggest part of this dangerous hopeless spiral you can avoid if you complete your homework before you start the business. Here are some recommendations for this homework:

1. Think About the Business for Which You Have a Passion

Starting a business without passion and knowledge about the business will require too many working hours on something that has a low potential for you. So, it is important to think about the business that will be in correlation with your own passion. For you, it will be much easier when you start your company.

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2. Understand the Market Very Well Before You Start

What motivates the people from your target market emotionally? What are their real problems? What language do they use to describe these problems? How much influence these problems have on their lives?

If you have answered these questions before starting the business, in large part you will make your life easier when you start.

3. Specify the Business Goals, But Don’t Forget Personal Goals

Before you start it is good to know what you want to make, or what you want to achieve. So, you need to set up your business goals. Be precise and concise. Use real information and be realistic in formulating those goals.

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4. Be Prepared For Strategic Thinking

Think strategically about the direction in which you want your new company to move. Do not leave on coincidence.

5. Define the Basic Business Systems

Business systems have an enormous potential to free you from a great deal of work. Define the most important systems before starting the business.

Working Hours After the Startup Stage…

If you finish your homework before startup you will have a good basis to continue and not get into the dangerous spiral of infinite increasing working hours. However, improvements can be made and after startup.

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1. Think Twice Before You Decide About Employment

Too often entrepreneurs decide about hiring and after that realize that they made a mistake. You need employees on which you can rely when it comes to business development.

2. Create Systems, Monitor and Improve Them

Create the systems that you design before startup and in the same time monitor their performance and improve everything that can be improved.

3. Organize Yourself and All Others Around You

Be organized and organize other (you’re already a manager). Always answer these 10 questions before the start of each of your business week.

4. Don’t Fear to Delegate

If you choose the right employees to delegate some of your duties to them.