How to Choose the Perfect Serviced Office for Your Business

Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong are pretty lucky to have such a dynamic and diverse range of real estate options. This is a region which has become very comfortable with flexible work routines. It is home to a fast thinking, culturally savvy population and their innovative ideas are revolutionizing the art of business. How can serviced office help you?

Serviced offices, for instance, have really taken off in recent years, because they are giving entrepreneurs the chance to stay in control. Traditionally, businesses were obligated to sign a two to five-year lease to rent an office, but times are changing. Serviced providers do not ask for lock-in agreements, and they allow tenants to make changes at any time.

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The question is, how do you choose the perfect serviced office with all the features that are most important for Hong Kong businesses? Keep reading to find out.

Serviced Office Location, Location

This is arguably the most important detail of all because it will determine not just how customers perceive you, but also how you recruit talent and interact with vendors and suppliers. While there are no hard and fast rules, generally, a central spot is always best.

Fortunately, serviced office is situated right in the heart of big cities. Hong Kong is no exception. The Hong Kong Club Building, for example, can be found in the center, close to transport links and retail districts. It is just off Victoria Harbour, so the scenery is incredible.

Setup and Utility Costs

The beauty of serviced offices is that they come ready. Unless you request otherwise, you’ll be signing the agreement for a fully furnished, fully prepared workspace. Now, the features do vary from provider to provider, so it’s a good idea to be specific about what you need.

While it can feel like taking an unfurnished office is a good way to cut costs, this is often a false economy. It’s actually pretty difficult to beat the heating, lighting, cleaning, and broadband costs offered by these vendors because they come as part of the monthly fee.

Flexible Rates and Terms

Generally, serviced providers offer an extensive range of resources and corporate assets, from networking and communications software to administrative support. Ideally, you want a vendor with flexible terms. This will allow you to pick and choose the features that you want.

It is a worthy perk because a surprising amount of capital is lost, every year, on things that businesses end up paying for constantly when they only need them once a week or month. Receptionists, mailboxes, business support, and other options should be just that; optional.

Control over the Future

Similarly, you should be looking for an office provider that is happy to let you leave when it suits. Lock in leases is fast becoming old hat. They don’t benefit anybody, but landlords and they can cripple young companies that just want to get the most out of their money.

The best-serviced facilities in Hong Kong and throughout Asia don’t ask for inescapable commitments. There are no penalties incurred for terminating an agreement. In fact, you have the freedom to move to a bigger or smaller office within the same building at no extra cost.

Making Sure That You Get a Great Deal

The usual concerns about suitability aren’t really a problem if you go serviced. These providers understand that the business world moves fast, especially in Hong Kong. While it’s important to pick your office carefully from the outset if it ends up feeling unsuitable, you have every opportunity to make a change, and that could just mean moving to another one of their suites.

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