6 SEO Strategies That Will Help Improve Your Rankings

6 SEO Strategies That Will Help Improve Your Rankings

While SEO is still an essential part of any online marketing campaign, it has changed significantly with the introduction of new algorithms by Google. There is more to search engine optimization, from marketing automation tools to CMS reports and SEO ranking checkers than ever. According to the statistics published, over 11 billion searches are conducted on Google each month in the US.

SEO is necessary for boosting your website’s rankings and the growth of traffic and sales. It can also help businesses build an online presence.

We have 200+ on-page SEO strategies, but we cannot implement all of them. Also, there is a risk that the strategies you use today will become inapplicable by search engines after some time. While factors such as keywords, links, HTML codes, etc., are important for optimizing your website, today, we will discuss certain strategies which can help optimize your website qualitatively.

Here are the top 6 SEO strategies for improving your rankings.

1. Integrate SMO

Previously, you have used social media optimization to introduce brands, create a brand image, expand your market, etc. Today, social media optimization has become an important part of search engine optimization. So, you need to include SMO in your SEO strategies.

Google crawlers consider four factors for optimizing your web pages. These include:

  • Source code (metadata for social media)
  • Brand mentions (shares on social media, traffic through brand URL, etc.)
  • Content quality (word count, keywords, links, etc.)
  • The website (loading time, bounce rate, etc.)

When your market expands, and brand image is built through social media optimization, you get more brand mentions and votes through social media. The number of shares on social media increases which in turn also optimizes your ranking. Also, it leads to an increase in the number of returning visitors, which is one of the main aims of SEO.

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2. Create Visual Stories

Quality content that attracts visitors can help you rank higher in the SERPs. In 2017, audiences were more interested in visual storytelling. This is why website designers focus on creating a visual impact with pictures, infographics, or videos. Within eight seconds, a visitor decides to continue navigating the website or quit it. Visual stories convince the visitor to stay on the website, so they will need to be part of your SEO strategies.

To create visual stories, it is necessary to understand the needs and interests of your audiences. Get help from SEO services to assist you in creating visual stories based on your target audience’s interests. The stories should have powerful graphics and content to engage and convert the visitors into customers.

3. Aim for Mobile Optimisation and AMP

Google launched MobileGeddon for indexing mobile and tablet-optimized websites. Along with that, it has launched Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open-source standard for publishers to load their content on mobile screens quickly.

Hence, you should ensure that your web design is responsive and optimized for different platforms. You can easily integrate the AMP project on your website to decrease the mobile loading time.

4. Incorporate a Useful Blog

Blogging is the most effective way of communicating with your customers. It is a platform where you can connect with your customers and persuade them to complete the purchase process. Many brands attract loyal customers with the help of blogs. However, you may lose your customers if the blog is not useful to them. So, what is a useful blog? To understand this, think from a customer’s perspective. You should also look at your Google Analytics.

5. Localize Your Content

It is not possible to optimize your website for all niches and markets. However, it is easier to optimize your content for the local market.

You will localize your content also when you get high-quality backlinks from different local companies or websites. In such a way, you will improve your authority and have higher rankings on the SERPs for specific local terms. You can find more on this guide to local link building.

6. Consider Website Usability

Complex navigation, cluttered design, poor quality content, lack of branding, and many such elements in your website design can minimize usability and increase your bounce rate. Improved website navigation can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Maximize the effect of CTAs and sales funnel
  • Make the website more usable visitors
  • Make your brand easy to remember

An effective SEO strategy can help maximize your ranking on the SERPs – however, if not done right, it can damage your ranking significantly. This is why you need professional SEO services to achieve your desired rankings.

If you don’t have your own resources to do these things inside your company, the best possible solution is to outsource them to a reputable enterprise SEO company.