How You Can Use Google to Improve Your Offer for Your Customers?

using google to improve offer

Marketing is something that will help your small business to connect customers with your own business processes. That’s mean producing products and services that people will want and will buy from you. So, you need to always work on improving your offer to your customers.

On the other hand, technology development and the internet now can help marketers to make better analysis and decision.

Today more and more people before making a buying decision consult the internet. Because of that, the data from major search engine must be used to develop products and/or services that potential customers want to buy.

Using Keyword Research to Explore What Customers Want and What You Can Offer Them

Let’s assume that we are a steel pipe manufacturer. What will be the first thing that we will need to do?

Firstly I will conduct keyword research for steel pipes on the Google Keyword Tool:

Keyword Research Steel Pipes

After analyzing the data I got from Google, I can find that the top searched features for steel pipes are the following:

  • Stainless steel pipes
  • Carbon steel pipes
  • Seamless steel pipes
  • Square steel pipes

It seems that stainless steel pipes is something that we already produce. Let’s try another analysis, but for the stainless steel pipes. After that research, I can find that there is also an interest in other products connected with our stainless steel pipes as:

  • fittings
  • flanges
  • elbows
  • valves

That’s other products that can be reviewed and developed to be a part of our production program and offer to our customers. Furthermore, in the last data, I can find that the market needs two different type of pipes: welded steel pipes and seamless steel pipes. Our company produce only welded steel pipes. That’s another question for our technical team: Can we develop and produce seamless pipes?

After that, I want to analyze markets for stainless steel pipes. From the Google Insights for the last two year, the regional interest was:

Steel Pipes Market
Research of Regions

It is interesting that India became the biggest market for these types of products. Now our marketing team must analyze how we can market our products on such a big market. Furthermore, we need data about trends and internal regions in that country.

Google Trends and Subregion: Stainless Steel Pipe
Google Trends and Subregion: Stainless Steel Pipe

As we can see, the search varies from time to time. In 2009 there were more searches for this type of product, but in the fourth quarter, there was a big decline. It seems the same way this year. Our marketing team must make a deep analysis to find an answer to why this is the case. Searches come from two different places: Maharashtra and Delhi. It’s very valuable information because India is not a small country, and our interest will be in that two places.

Now with all that data and analysis, we can:

  • Improve our offer for stainless steel pipes.
  • Look into the possibilities to expand our product range with fittings, flanges, elbows, and valves.
  • Focus on India as a big market and requirements in the last two years.
  • Find a distributor or open office in India.

This is a simple raw estimation process and is used only for explanation purposes. You can develop a market analysis similar to this for each product or service that you want to offer to your customers.