3 Essential IT Resources for Women in Business

While 57 percent of all professional occupations were held by women, this demographic made up only a quarter of all U.S. computing technology jobs. Clearly, women are often at a disadvantage in the workplace. But with the right tools, female entrepreneurs and businesses of various sizes can gain the competitive edge needed to even the playing field. Here are three such informational technology resources that can be used to do just that.

1. Google Analytics

Laura Prive, owner and founder of CoFoundersLab, one of the biggest networks for entrepreneurs, recommends Google Analytics. For busy female entrepreneurs trying to juggle personal and professional obligations, Google Analytics can do all the data surveying legwork for them. For example, the program can monitor the traffic your website generates and inform you of where most of it originates. Additionally, it can record the traits of your target demographic, a feature that’s particularly useful to women marketing to other women.

But perhaps the most significant advantage in using Google Analytics is the format in which findings are presented. The marked graphs and clear charts make understanding the information simple, a convenience for working women on the run. And as Prive points out, the data is understandable even to those who don’t speak tech.

2. Syncing Services

In the modern business world, sensitive data is constantly under attack by cybercriminals — and those who work closely to track this sensitive information frequently risk it getting lost or compromised. That’s where services like syncing can benefit you. In fact, it is worry-free cloud data protection, a comfort for women who run their own business and want to closely monitor and control IT-related matters.

Three of the biggest security challenges companies face are business continuity, backup recovery, and disaster recovery. Many syncing services offer users the ability to effectively manage these issues with ease. For female entrepreneurs who are accustomed to a more hands-off approach to IT management, it makes it more manageable.

Sync services also offer mobile accessibility. This means when a businesswoman who works both in the office and remotely saves her work files to the sync folder, those files sync across all of her devices and are backed up to the cloud. Most importantly, this service allows her to access these files at any time and from anywhere.

3. Oracle

Another amazing IT option for women is Oracle. What and where Oracle is today has been largely defined by longtime company executive Safra Catz, who spent 20 years climbing the ranks at Oracle and is now one of the highest-paid female executives in the U.S.

In particular, Catz played a significant role in the modernization of Oracle’s business applications. Additionally, Oracle now offers an array of cloud application suites that offer users a breadth of databases, applications, storage, servers, and cloud tech.

Catz also streamlined and automated the Oracle experience for cloud application customers, and her fellow businesswomen are likely appreciative of the time and effort this saves them. And because female entrepreneurs often have specific, individual business needs, Oracle’s customizable software for cloud deployment can help better accommodate them.

Though in many ways the glass ceiling still looms above, some women in business have found ways to break through it. With IT resources like these, more working women can transcend that glass ceiling and rise to the top.