8 Steps to Design Extraordinary E-mail Marketing Campaigns

8 Steps to Design Extraordinary E-mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail marketing became a more and more useful and productive marketing weapon for businesses regardless of their size. Here I will cover 8 steps that will help you to start designing e-mail marketing campaigns.

You can use it to engage in communication with potential customers. You can use it to increase sales. You can use it to increase brand recognition…

Step 1: What You Want to Accomplish

What will be the purpose of your e-mail marketing campaigns? What do you want to accomplish? You can use to increase sales, building relationship, increase brand recognition…

Step 2: Choose the Right Software

When you know what you want to accomplish with e-mail marketing campaigns, you will already have a picture of what each e-mail will contain. In such a way, you can find different software for that purpose. Try out Aweber or Getresponse.

Step 3: Start Building the List

If you already have a list you can use it to add them to the database. On your website or blog put your information capture form with which you can start building your list.

Step 4: Design Welcome E-mail

The welcome e-mail is the first e-mail that will be sent to each new person after they become a part of your list. It is the perfect place where you can explain what they can expect from you. If you give some types of rewards because they become a part of your list you can give them here.

Step 5: Design Autoresponder E-mails

Autoresponder is that will be sent automatically on a previously defined time to each person who is part of your list. You must decide what will be contained in that messages and when will be sent a certain message. Try messages to not be too much “sales pitchy”. It is better to educate and build a relationship.

Step 6: Design Custom Messages

Here you must start brainstorming ideas for custom messages. Except for autoresponder, you can send from time to time custom messages to your list. It can be new promotions, invites for events, new products, questionnaires…

Step 7: Setup Welcome and Autoresponder E-mails in the Software

Everything that you make in the previous two steps is put in the autoresponder software that you choose in step 2.

Step 8: Monitor the Results

The last but one of the most important steps is monitoring the achievements from your e-mail marketing campaign. You must look at:

  • Open rate. How many people from the list open e-mail that you send? What’s going on if you change the message subject?
  • New subscribers. What’s going on if you change the landing page?
  • Clicks over time. What’s going on with clicks over time on different messages?
  • Clicked links. What is the type of links brings more clicks?
  • Unsubscribing rate. How many people unsubscribed from the list? When they unsubscribe?
E-mail Marketing in 8 Steps
E-mail Marketing in 8 Steps