Mind Mapping with iThoughts Mind Map Software

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Mind mapping is a very useful tool for entrepreneurs. It is the process of visualization of business ideas that will make them happen. I am using mindmaps to be more organized and to track all of my ideas and plans for things that I must do in the projects. Here I want to show you the iThoughts mind map software.

What is MindMap?

Mindmap is diagram connected with our mind where we make different connections around one idea or project.

Let’s look at the definition of the mindmap in Wikipedia:

A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.

However, the most important thing is that with this type of diagrams you can visualize an idea with all elements connected with that idea.

iThoughts Mind Map Software

Before some period of time, I buy iThoughts mind map software from Apple Store. It’s iPhone application for creating mind maps.

After playing with this tool, I liked this application because:

  • It is easy to use.
  • Maps can be viewed on iPhone and PC.
  • It can be used like task management software.

1. Easy to Use

I find iThoughts very easy to use. It has two simple toolbars, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the screen. First one is about making maps and second on the bottom is about adding notes to the maps.

In several minutes, I can transform my idea into the real action steps and give it additional improvements.

Mindmap with iThoughts
Mindmap with iThoughts

2. Maps Can be Viewed on iPhone and PC

With the help of Dropbox, e-mail or box.net all your maps can be saved in a folder that you can have access from everywhere.

Mindmapping - Transfer Options
Mindmapping – Transfer Options

There are possibilities to choose which type of file to be saved particular mind map.

Mindmapping - Upload Format
Mindmapping – Upload Format

3. Task Management

An important feature in the iThoughts is the possibilities to make each mind map element to be as a task with start and end date. This allows me to measure the progress of each of my tasks.

Tasks - Mindmapping
Tasks – Mindmapping