Why You Really Need to Use a Business Blog For Your Company

Each business today must have some online presence. Your web presence is something that must be part of your marketing calendar. More and more large companies use the business blog in their daily business activities. It doesn’t mean that blogging for business is only for large companies.

Today, your small business also need a blog as one of your marketing weapons. Luckily, it is an easy and cost-effective way to reach a large number of potential customers.

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There are many questions related to the possible ways of online presentation of the businesses. Here I want to present some solution that is very cost effective and very easy to use.

What is a blog?

For the purpose of this presentation, I must start with a brief description of the term blog. The blog is the contraction of the term weblog that means web diary. In the next paragraphs I will try to describe what is a blog:

  • First of all, blogs are websites;
  • Second, blogs have many blog posts;
  • Third, blogs have dynamic content that is constantly updated with new posts;
  • Fourth, the content of a blog is in the form of texts, comments, audio, video, images…
  • Fifth, blog posts can read every person that reads something on the internet and finally
  • Sixth, readers can write comments on the blog posts.

Check out this example of a digital marketing blog at Fieldboom here; high-quality content that resonates with your users’ is absolutely key.

What is a difference between static websites and blogs?

I know that there are too many questions related to why to use blogs instead of a traditional static website for your business. Let’s see what are the basic differences between websites and blogs.

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  • Content update. When it comes to static web pages you will not need to change its content very often. Therefore, when your current or potential customers visit your page several times and they don’t find the additional new content, they will simply not coming back again. This means that you will start losing your visitors, so the power of websites as a marketing weapon for your business. With blogs and your business blogging efforts, the situation is totally different related to the content update. Your content will need to be updated daily, weekly or monthly. So, your readers will come from time to time to read something new, interesting and useful on your business blog.
  • Easy to update content. If you want to publish fresh content on your business blog, you don’t need a technician. The blog posts can be easily published by persons that don’t know anything about websites. It is very similar to sending e-mail.
  • Interaction with visitors. The static web site will not give you this opportunity. Each post on your business blog has a commenting function. In such a way your web presence will become a two-directional communication tool. This is simply a permanent source of information for your business.

There are more differences between static websites and blogs as websites. But, I think that these three differences are more powerful when you want to decide about do you need a static or a dynamic marketing weapon. Your business blog is something that will increase your business potential energy as much as you have more and more visitors to your web presence.

For example, if your static website has business potential energy from 0,3 to 0,5, your business blog will have from 0,7 to 1. (Business potential energy as I described in my previous posts, can vary from 0 to 1 depending on the state of the specific business element for which we measure this energy).

Ten Advantages for Your Business When You Use a Business Blog

Finally, I like to talk something about why you need to use a business blog as your marketing weapon for your business. Each business, so and yours have a continuous need for more and more customers. With the continuous flow of your customers through your sales funnel, your sales numbers will start to increase. Because of that, your profit will also increase.

Here I want to write down some of the most important advantages that you will have when you start using a business blog for your company.

  1. With your business blog, your company will be presented in the global market. Yes, your online presence is also global if you use multi-language static website, but with your blog, in most of the cases, you will get minimum a hundred times more visitors.
  2. You will have unlimited possibilities to present your products or services. Something that is really so cool is that your presentation can be in various forms as audio, video, graphics or textual presentation. This can have a big impact on the decision-making process of your prospective buyers.
  3. You can use your blog as an information source for your market research purpose. Simply, you can use your business blog to encourage the visitors to respond to your surveys. Also, you can measure the customer’s behavior through web analytics. This information will help you with your future decisions related to your products or services.
  4. You can publish your press conferences and marketing materials. All information that is related to your business or your marketing activities, you can publish on your business blog.
  5. Your blog will connect you with many important people. If you are active in your business blogging efforts you can develop many important relationships with different people. They can become your customers, or simply can help you to grow your business.
  6. Comments as a source of important information for your company. Yes, comments on your blog posts will give you information about what visitors want and what they don’t want. Remember, the visitors are your potential customers.
  7. You will increase the virality of your online content. Blog posts are more viral than your static website. Each blog post that you will publish, can be sent from your visitors to their friends and their social media accounts. Good blog posts will be viewed from a large number of potential customers for your company.
  8. A business blog will help you to build a solid brand. Your brand will be your business name, logo, domain… When you are blogging for your business, you are expanding the recognition of your brand.
  9. Your business blog will help you to build a good reputation for your business. With your blog posts, writing about something useful in your industry, you will be seen as an expert in your industry.
  10. The business blog will connect you with your potential suppliers. Because you will become more reachable, the potential suppliers that will want to do business with you can easily come to you.

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